Effective Leader

Effective Leader

Describe which behaviors you believe are most important. Which would you incorporate into your approach and why?

Based on the article, the behavior I believe that are most important include the following; planning, problems solving, clarifying, supporting, empowering, encouraging innovation, and envisioning change

Planning is one of the most important behaviors since it helps in decision making regarding objectives. It helps in prioritizing tasks, assigning responsibilities, in making schedules and in the allocation of resources. Without proper planning its difficult to have direction and this it’s very vital.

Problem solving is another important behavior that helps the leaders in dealing with any difficult task that may come up. Through problem solving it’s possible to identify the causes of problems and give direction to the work units on how to deal with the problems.

Clarifying is also very important since it ensures that leaders are able to be clear in terms of what they want to achieve and in terms assigning responsibilities to different people. This ensures that the followers are able to understand what is expected of them and they are able to work towards achieving that

Supporting is another important behavior. Leaders who are supportive towards the followers build positive relationships that help the individuals deal with difficult situations which help the followers to remain focused to the tasks.

Empowering is another important behavior where leaders are able to allow the follower to make decisions and to participate in tasks such as goal setting. Empowering followers help to make them feel appreciated and part of the team which encourage them to work more towards the achievement of goals and objectives

Encouraging innovation and envisioning are also important behaviors in leadership. Through encouraging innovation, the followers are able to be more creative and to contribute towards ideas that can propel an organization forward. Envisioning change help to inspire and motivate individuals to work towards higher levels of excellence

Which would you incorporate into your approach and why?

In my approach, the behavior I would incorporate includes problems solving, encouraging innovation, planning and supporting. Problem solving is vital since it helps deal with difficult tasks. Through encouraging innovation it’s possible to come up with better and improved methods of doing tasks. Planning and supporting could help in providing direction towards achieving tasks.