Effects of technolgy on market






Effects of information technology on global business models.

Information technology is an umbrella term that is covering the hardware used for quick communication. It comprise of computers, cellphones and the software programs that enable the technological communication.

The business models include brokers, distributers, landlords and creators. The information technology has a great impact to these models. For instance, IT has helped them in reaching out customers, business models like distributers sell in demand for IT products and use the Information technology to make several transactions. Additionally, Creators use the information technology in advertising and self-distribution. Therefore, the global change of business models has to take place because sufficient knowledge and the tactics are required in handling the IT systems. This would mean that new models with the appropriate knowledge of IT systems would be required to deal with specific tasks like advertising.

Furthermore, data collection and data storage has been facilitated and made easier for companies in recording and storing the customer information, and this has been helpful to the business models. The recording and the storage of data needs the IT skills, hence business models with the appropriate skills are required to deal with such cases and that is the extent in which information technology has facilitated the process of constant change of business models.

IT has some negative impacts because of the fact that it connects information storage banks, thus hackers can access the unprotected and sensitive information and use it for malicious or unethical purposes. This is the reason why the change in business models has to occur and it is being facilitated by IT. Experts in the field of IT systems are required to handle a sensitive information and put in place measures to eliminate the security threats imposed by the malicious people.

Question 2

Elements that should be included in disaster recovery plan

Accurate communication. A disaster recovery plan should have an accurate commination because it is essential in the cases of disasters. Accurate communication gives a detailed information of what happened in an organization till the time the disaster occurred, therefore, events can be traced and the problem may be identified.

Work off a detailed script during a disaster. Having a detailed step by step instructions in disaster recovery plan is helpful during a recovery mode because it eliminates confusion. Additionally, preventive measures should be included in the disaster recovery plan since it is useful in highlighting measures to prevent any kind of disaster from occurring.


The use of antivirus, firewalls, passwords and backups are some of the steps that I have begun to take in order to protect my computer networks and resources. These measures are useful in reducing losses and fraud. Computer security and threat prevention is very essential for individuals and organizations.


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