EH 1010 Unit 2 Journal

Columbia Southern University

Detective Carl Jones vs Father Carl Jones

In order to live two very different lifestyles, you almost have to be two very different people. The way you conduct yourself and communicate all depends on what environment you are in currently. For example, I wouldn’t ask my kids how their day at school went the same way I would ask a suspect where he was the night of the robbery. When I’m at work I have to think about what I am communicating and where I ultimately want to get with the conversation. When your conducting a suspect interview, you want to start off by asking questions that you already know the answer too. I already know the story and how it went down, I just want the suspect to tell me more of the story and see is they are going to be deceitful. When I come home and ask my kids how their day at school went, I don’t know the answer and I want to hear it from them. I have no reason to believe they are trying to be deceitful so I let that guard down. When I am not trying to analyze everything that is being said word for word, I can sit and enjoy the conversation in a whole different manner. In saying that, when I believe my kids are trying to stretch the truth a bit, I sometimes have trouble not clicking over to my investigative techniques.