EH 1020 Unit VIII Journal Reflection

Unit VIII Journal Reflection

EH 1020 English Composition II

Columbia Southern University

Unit VIII Journal Reflection

For this journal entry I was asked several questions about reflecting on the entire course and how I feel now that it is coming to an end. What did I find the hardest, the easiest and what did I learn in general about this course? There are two things I found to be the hardest things I about writing this paper the first thing I found hard was to come up with a good thesis statement and the second thing I found hard was to differentiate between the literature review and the body of the paper. Some things that I found easy was picking a topic. When I found out that the assignments would focus on writing a paper on a topic of my choosing I knew exactly what I wanted that topic to be. I found the researching to not be easy exactly but I did enjoy it a lot. Some a general thing that I learned that now seem like I should have known previously were there are several different types of papers. I mean I knew this but I didn’t know they each had their own names, formats and different ways to not only write but to research. I think the aspects of this course can help with many things in the β€œreal” world. A lot of things that I do need some type of critical thinking and writing ability and those were two things I think this course helps its students with.

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