Electronic Health Care Resources

Electronic Health Care Resources






Electronic Health Care Resources

According to (Salazar, 2017), the advancements in technology has made changes in how patients are able to access health care. Technology has evolved with time such that electronic communication devices have been made better and more advanced. The most common electronic communication device is the mobile computing device. It has been used to make health care facilities be easily accessible to patients through accessing websites, using applications and multimedia resources.

One of the health care resources is a website called “My Health Manager”. It is a common website that is used by most of the hospitals. It is works in such a way that a sick person is able to find a doctor, a patient is able to be in constant communication with their physician and they can also find useful information written or in form of videos and be up to date and have knowledge on health. Another resource is an application called eHealth. It is an application provided by the government, that is free and it can be downloaded on a phone or tablet. The eHealth application is able to monitor an individual’s health condition and resources. This thus empowers people in such a way that they are able to take control and responsibility of their health.

There are applications that have been made free and accessible to the public like “Myfitnesspal”. It is an application that enables one to use for purposes of dieting and fitness such that one can be able to track what calories they take and also access some exercise routines. MyFitnessPal is an application that has enabled its users to communicate through multimedia resources such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Through the multimedia resources they are able to share restaurants that serve certain calorie counts and also share fitness gyms that they can be interested in.

As shared by (Salazar, 2017), implications that the resources have on health care providers are very important and necessary. The health care providers are able to advertise themselves and the services they are likely to offer to their future patients by using the websites, applications and multimedia resources. They can also allow their customers to communicate with them constantly. They are also in a position to update their current and future customers by sharing useful information concerning their services, fitness or health practices.

The consumers or customers have implications on using the electronic resources like websites, applications and multimedia resources. The customers or consumers are able to access health care services using mobile communication devices wherever they are without going to the health care providers. They can also have access to their previous medical history and tests which will be very essential in cases where emergencies occur and they will need the information. They consumers can also track what they eat and how much they exercise in order to come up with a diet and fitness plan.

Another implication that the electronic health care resources has made on consumers or customers is that they can book appointments without having to waste their time by using their phone to call or use the health care provider’s website or application. The consumers can also communicate their health issues with other people who are experiencing similar issues using multimedia resources. The consumers or customers of health care can also do research on their medical issue in order to find the support group they require as well as medical treatment. (Salazar, 2017)

Accessing health care no longer requires a consumer to go to the office because the services and facilities can be offered online. However, the health care services and facilities that are offered online have met the required guidelines that have been set, thus they are of quality. Just like the office health care, the patients also have security of privacy. (Salazar, 2017) also shares that the healthcare providers have been more interested in relating with their consumers through electronic devices because through that they get constant feedback concerning their services.


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