ELM 590 Week 8 Discussion 1

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ELM 590: WK8: DQ1: What are some ways you can use assessment to engage students? Why is this important?

Hello Class and Dr. Akbar,

There are several ways in which you can use assessment to engage students. One of the best ways to help students’, in my opinion, is by teaching the students how to be critical and analytical of their own personal learning and growth. Providing classroom time for students to examine their own work, which would be done through comparing it to the rubric or criteria set by the teacher, and teaching the students how to clarify how he or she can improve his or her work, can do this. The goal with this would be to help students become more involved with their learning through understanding the mistakes they made. Once they understand what mistakes were made, the students will then think about why they made the mistake and how they could fix it next time (Sindelar, 2019).

Through involving students in the process, this helps the students to grow in his or her own educational process personally and with the help of the teacher. Students will become more engaged when they have an understanding as to what is being analyzed, how it is being analyzed, and how they can better their personal educational growth. Personally, if I was only handed a grade and verbally told to “do better” the next time, I would be less inclined to care. On the flip side, when I am given feedback and I am able to understand what I did correctly or incorrectly and how I can do better, it makes me want to try harder. Why? Because I know what is to be expected of me. I believe that young students are also the same in this manner. If they are informed and not treated like ‘kids’, they will feel more respected, become more involved, and ultimately, they will do much better. It is important to help engage students in learning because that is how they better learn and grow academically.

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