Emergency Management

Emergency Management Scenario One SEVERE WEATHER FLOODPresented By:

Overview of emergency management incident

These emergency involves hazardous materials hence the way to handle such risk is by professional who are skilled in handling things to do with hazardous material.

Since we are dealing with hazardous place it is good to notify the local authorities about the incidents because they are the ones responsible for planning and developing an emergency system capable of providing an effective and timely response. (Initial response to hazardous materials incidents, 2003)

Initial response

The first responders are those individuals who arrives on the scene with solution to act, RolesTheir foremost goal is to ensure human safety, limit the exposure of all persons to the area and to provide timely information to the proper authorities as well as deal with evacuations from the scene

Assignment/TasksThey are expected to recognize the presence of the hazardous materialTake the samples of the materials and identifyThey are to gather information and to notify the proper authorities for the right actionThey are expected to set perimeters/zone that is restricted from access by the public as it can cause harm to their life.They are to initiate the defensive actions and to initiate the incident command system. (Kossakowski, 2012)

Public information statement

There are two strategies for protecting the people in an harzadous material incidents, these include:EvacuationThese involve physical relocation of people from a place of incidents to a safer grounds.Sheltering-in placeThese is where we keep the threatened people in one place without moving them (Initial response to hazardous materials incidents, 2003)

Social media approach and information dissemination

In an incident command system ,social media plays an important role as follows:It create trust, credibility and direct relationship with the people in the community hence making it easier to pass a message or train them via social mediaIt provides a situational awareness non the emerging events and the partnership opportunities

It provide an additional method for the leaders to disseminate emerging public informationIt provide a platform for the leaders to evaluate the information brought to the public attentionAllows the community to easily participate with their leaders in solving the problemsSocial media is easy to use to meet the public expectations as it easily links up the people to their leaders.

Funding Source

Most of the funding of these ICS projects are funded by the state government in collaboration with Local agencies and the other agencies to see that these is a success.

future NIMS training that will prepare local first responders for future floods

We need to have an Improved coordination with State and local agencies, transportation providers and sheltering agencies.


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