Emerging Issues facing Criminal Justice Agencies

Emerging Issues facing Criminal Justice Agencies

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Emerging issues in Criminal Justice Agencies

TerrorismSocial networkingOrganized crimesIncreased crime rates


Criminal justice agencies entangles with different categories of people such as the youths, women, the poor and ill offenders which present the agency with various challenges.The formal criminal agency is divided into various sectors and each sector is allocated different kind of people such as police, prosecutors, correctional services and others. Due to the different groups of people, the agency is bound to face various challenges.Each criminal justice agency must rely on others to move offenders through the system properly. This interdependence might result to various challenges.


Youth in the criminal justice system. This is where there is a flood of the youths in the criminal justice agency. There number is great than any other group.Drug use and the crime cycle. A very large number of offenders arrested test positively for drugs most of them being men. This crime keep on rotating and does not seem to reduce at any point but rather the rate keep on increasing Violence against women. Information from National Institute of Justice has it that about 1. 3 million women are physically assaulted.The high incarceration rate. This is whereby many people are being convicted and confined because of different crimes that they commit. This shows that there is a high crime rate.The three strikes legislation. This is whereby when one is arrested and convicted three times, a serious action is taken upon them.Funding. This refers to the financial challenges that the criminal agencies encounter.

Impact of the challenges on the criminal justice agency

The problem of funding causes failure in the criminal justice agencies and this may leads to the agencies not meeting their objectives.It becomes very difficult to regulate and control the number of criminals who are imprisoned. There also lack space to accommodate the prisoners.It has a great impact since it affects the economic factor. So much is spent correctional effort when the crime rates increase.

Criminal justice agencies impacts at individual level

It is evident that crimes such as terrorism will impact negatively on the victim’s way of life since he or she is ever on the run to avoid being apprehended by the police force.With the incessant rise of out-lawed sects all over the world, many people have ended up being absorbed by the criminal justice agencies in a bid to prevent further crimes.A good number of deaths has been reported over the years whereby criminal suspects found in the act fail to surrender to the law hence end up being shot to death.

Criminal justice agencies impact collectively to people

Due to the rise of terrorism acts in a given country, that particular nation will be compelled to stretch its budget so as to deal with such cases by purchasing arms.Citizens of a particular nation faced with insecurity cases live in fear since they are aware of the unstable prevailing condition around them.High cases of insecurity cases has led to increased refugee camps around the world such as Dadaab refugee camp, leading to poor living standards of such victims.Insecurity activities have led to drop in the economy of a country especially when high profit businesses are targeted by the criminals.

Global crimes that impact the management of global justice systems andprocesses

Organized crime. This crime has a great impact on criminal agency since it calls for an increase in the intelligence coverage who work together to curb this challenge.Government focus. The agency is bound to increase the number of people working in the agencies with the help of the government which will help them reduce crimes.

The impact of terrorism on the management of criminaljustice systems around the globe

Terrorism has a very great impact on the criminal justice agencies around the globe since finance is needed to cater for countering of such criminal activities. Terrorism also call for an increase in the number of those who work in the intelligence sector since terrorism require such professional to investigate terrorist activities.Terrorism also calls for employment of new professionals who are obliged to train those who work in the criminal agencies ways of mitigating terrorism around the globe.

The impact of social media upon themanagement of criminal justice

Law enforcement has graduated from posters, radio calls, patrols to other improved social media such as twitter, YouTube and Facebook where the criminal justice agencies Make public awareness and conduct some of their investigations. Social networking has increasingly become a valuable intelligence-gathering tool for criminal justice agencies where the officers track evidences through Facebook, twitter and videos on you tube.


Criminal justice agencies continue to face different challenges which result from the emerging issues around the globe.The challenges continue to affect the criminal justice agencies since no appropriate measures are taken to eliminate the challenges.Social networking has done a lot in improving the operations and processes of the criminal justice agencies making work easier for them.Terrorism has brought a lot of changes in the management of criminal justice agencies.


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