Employment Tests, Hiring and Promotion Decisions

“Employment Tests, Hiring and Promotion Decisions” Please respond to the following:

Using the e-Activity, choose two (2) of the following employment tests: drug tests, medical examinations, polygraphs or honesty tests, and scored test of ability. Next, analyze the manner in which the testing itself could be considered illegal when an organization does not properly use it during the employment hiring process. Justify your response.

The employment tests to be taken into consideration in the present scenario include drug test and medical examination. In case, an organization does not make use of testing in an appropriate manner, then, testing itself could be considered to be illegal. First point which makes drug testing within the organization illegal is a kind of testing in which, organization considers an employee liable for taking drugs even at the time when, the person is being taking up the drugs for ensuring that his disability is being avoided to a certain level. Drug testing would also be considered as illegal at the time when, other kinds of discrimination claims are made on the individual. In case, there is violation of state required procedures even then, it would be point that, drug testing would be considered as illegal. If there is invasion of privacy of a person then, also drug testing would be considered to be illegal. Medical examination would also be considered as illegal at the time when, examination of a person is being carried out in a manner that he is not put into a comfortable position at the time of medical examination.

Give your opinion of the purpose of the Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ), as discussed within the text. Then, suggest two (2) occupations where the discriminatory requirement is legal. Justify your response.

Bona Fide Occupational qualification is an attribute of employees which is taken into consideration at the time when, employees are appointed in the workplace. It considers the point that, whether hiring and retention of employees in the organization would be considered to be an action in which, there would be any kind of discrimination in the workplace (Karch, 2007). In case of employment offering, it is important to ensure that those qualifications are being listed. First of the occupations in which discriminatory requirements are legal include the occupation of a position in which physical disability of a person will come against the employee. Another occupation is regarding technical occupation. Here, the employee must have knowledge of technical aspects of the areas to be considered for obtaining better results.


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