Professional Letter: Scenario 3

Professional Letter: Scenario 3

ENG 315

Strayer University

1234 Main St

Seattle, WA 98101

January 18, 2018

James Tyler

Classon’s Woodworking

4321 Baker Ln

Seattle, WA 98102

Dear Mr. Tyler,

This is an official written notification for your failure to perform the required duties of your position by attending work on time. You have arrived five minutes late for work on more than one occasion.

Since timely attendance is an important factor in serving our customer’s, being tardy is unacceptable. When you arrive late for your shift, even if it is just five minutes, we are forced to ask another employee to cover for you. This is an inconvenience for your coworker, and disrespect for his or her schedule.

Consequently, this written notification is reminding you of the critical importance of attending work on time and as scheduled. As a core requirement of your job description, it is necessary for attendance at work to be on time and as scheduled. Further disciplinary action for continuing attendance problems will result in employment termination.

In this written notification there will be a place to put any comments and concerns. A copy of this written notification will be placed in your personnel file.


Pamela Barker

Human Resouces Manager

Classon’s Woodworking

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