Job Application Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Tim,


I wish to apply for the above named job position as per the internal advertisement for marketing manager’s position.

I am a very creative person with good interpersonal and communication skills, good business sense and the ability to lead and motivate teams. My background in sales and marketing has given me massive experience and expertise in marketing during the four years I have worked as a sales assistant officer and assistant marketing manager in the company’s head office. In my position, I was able to spearhead campaigns for new products and was able to reach the target market within the stipulated deadline. This saw the company profits rise sharply compared to our competitors. In addition, I have come up with marketing strategies, done research and analysis trends and worked closely with various marketing assistants and executives.

In my previous job, I was able to work in different departments and developed strong relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues.My commitment, enthusiasm and exceeding of targets earned me the employee of the year title. I believe the skills and abilities that I possess are a perfect fit for the position. I would love a chance to discuss this position further and clarify any details.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your feedback.

Yours Sincerely,


Monica Say.