Eng activity 2

Eng activity 2




Date due


Thesis statement

Thesis statement: drugs and adolescence has been a problem that has persisted in all generations therefore we should involve all parties to control teens because they are part and parcel of the society.

  1. starting draft
    • introduction
    • body
    • conclusion
  2. feedback reflection
    • list of instructor’s response on writing activity 1
    • How the response is helping me now and future.

    Starting draft

    Adolescence boys and girls have always been curious in tasting everything they come across. They need to experiment every sort of ideas they get from their peers and other people. Large numbers of United States teens are involved in drug abuse due to peer pressure and other reasons. This paper will discuss adolescence and drug medical use including the role of community, parents and other parties in controlling the teens on matters of drugs.

    Today, drug abuse among the teens is alarming issue that needs not only parents’ attention but also the community involvement. Teens being part of our society, we need to bring all parties to help our children overcome drugs (Goldman et al. 2008). It is the high time to bring sense into the community about drugs abuse consequences and educate everyone continuously. Social media is the major factor influencing our teens and they need to be controlled. Community involvement and counsel ling is necessary to our teens in order to reduce the alarming number of teens engaging in this behavior.

    In conclusion, parents, schools, community and other parties should be the role model to our teens. They are our future leaders who need to be directed today. Social media should also be aware of peer influence so that it may bring goods to the peers instead of harming them. Drug addicts need to seek medication and be rehabilitated.

    Feedback reflection

    The feedback from the instructor enabled me to be able to define thesis statement. The instructions from the instructor on writing activity 1 were of great help in writing my activity 2. They provided guidelines for good essay focusing on teens and the role of parties in controlling and monitoring our children (Chen, & Kandel, 2015). The feedback was helpful as I was keen on mistakes identified on first assignment by the instructor. The feedback will also be effective in my future writing as I have now the requirements in my fingertips.

    1. Define thesis in one statement
      • The purpose of the paper should be clearly identified in first paragraph
      • Points should be explained about adolescence and drug medication use.
      • Avoid grammatical errors and proofread your work
    2. Writing activity 1 was good
    3. References

      Chen, K., & Kandel, D. B. (2015). The natural history of drug use from adolescence to the mid-thirties in a general population sample. American journal of public health85(1), 41-47.

      Goldman, L. S., Genel, M., Bezman, R. J., & Slanetz, P. J. (2008). Diagnosis and treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents. Jama279(14), 1100-1107.