Enjoyable Part Green Book

Enjoyable Part Green Book





Enjoyable parts of the movie.

Green book is generally an entertaining movie. This is despite few setbacks that have been experienced in the movie. Personally I have enjoyed watching some certain aspects of the movie. First of all, the movie is set in 1962. Setting it in a period where America was a segregated society makes one to expect adventure in the movie. I also makes the movie quite interesting as one is able to picture his or her self-living in such periods. The script is also good as it brings two opposite people together. Dr. Shirley is a Jamaican American while tony the driver is white American.it makes the movie unpredictable as one does not know whether the two will like or dislike each other .the duo turn out to be funny and get on quite along resulting in the creation of a bond of friendship emanating between them.

It also portrays the challenges that the blacks had to undergo during these times of racism. Dr. Shirley audiences are mostly white. Though they enjoy his music, they do not allow him to dine with them because that area is a white zone. Tony sometimes helps him overcome the racial challenges when able to. The bond between them tends to grow to an enormous envious level. There is even a time when Dr. Shirley helps tony come up with ideas on what to write to his wife when writing a letter to her. The contrast between the two is mind blowing. Tony is a family man while Dr. Shirley does not have a notable romantic relationship however, he still has good ideas on what tony should write to his wife.

There is also the touchy section of the movie. They are able to help each other overcome emotional troubles. They also find a way of communicating with each other. Tony isn’t good at expressing his feelings which is something Dr. Shirley learns and takes note. Generally, I enjoyed most parts of the movie and I even feel like watching it again.

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