Environmental effects on crimes

Environmental effects on crimes






Environmental effects on crimes

After doing research on how the environment effects criminal activities, it is concluded that it has a huge impact on crimes. A lot of people enjoy being in safe places, mostly in the rural areas where there is less crime activities (Wortley & Townsley, 2016). This is believed to happen due to the cool environment full of green looks and it is so pleasant for one to think of committing a crime. Unlike in the urban areas where there is a lot of ongoing business, streets are busy, noise and jobless people who remain idle. This theory states that crime can be influenced by an environment that a person’s live in.

When a child is raised in an environment full of poverty, his or her life will be full of struggles and a high percentage of him or her engaging in crimes. This will happen after he or she is forced to behave in the norm way of crimes in order to survive. The victims will lack education after dropping out of school for lacking school fees. Research has proved that attachment between a child and his or her parents will determine how the child will grow. If there is less attachment meaning the parents do not care of how their child grows, then there is a higher percentage that the child will engage in crimes.

Environment too has positive effect on crimes, such that an area with people of the same class will not experience a lot of crime activities. Wortley & Townsley, (2016) concluded that in an environment where parents are able to take care of their children and provide for them, crime activities will reduce. I support that environment has good impact on reducing crimes because people who live in the same environment can decide to stop these criminal activities by educating and punishing the law breakers. It is a dynamic act meaning it can be changed.


Environment has a major impact on crime and for one to live in a crime free zone, then you must identify an area that is less affected. Based on the Environmental Criminology theory, it is proved that a person’s environment can make him or her engage in crimes.


Wortley, R., & Townsley, M. (Eds.). (2016). Environmental criminology and crime analysis. Taylor & Francis.

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