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Assingment 1 – Module 02 Communication Practicum Project – Level Two: Assess Listening

Re-watch your movie then select a 10 minute scene and evaluate the listening techniques of the main characters. Point out the good listening techniques from the book, and assess the effectiveness of the perceived listening. Describe the following:

What was the topic which was being addressed?

The topic that was being addressed is based on a true story where a young soldier by the name Desmond is earning adoration and respect for his selfless and care after risking his life to save his fellow soldiers who were injured during the World War 2. Desmond aim was not to kill the enemies but to ensure that the soldiers on his side are safe and sound when we see him carrying injured soldiers on his back and running despite the enemies gun shots and taking them to the safer side.

What level of listening was being used? The level of listening is where everyone is needed to listen first without answering or saying anything. The listening is the one that shows that the question or the point has been understood or not. The soldiers were trying to pay attention although there were barriers which interrupted their listening example a lot of noise from the enemies gunshots and bomb and also noises and cries.

What internal/external barriers to effective listening were observed?

Hypothesize how these barriers could be overcome.

  • Some of the barriers to effective listening were the noise and cries from the injured soldiers. The noise coming from the soldiers is high than the talks from other soldiers tampering with their listening .Also the noise from gun shots and bombs which appear to be louder than anything else in the battle field this leading to poor listening and communication for the soldiers.

Some of these barriers can be overcome by, the soldiers who are assigned as first aiders should attend to the injured soldiers immediately the injury occurs. This is to avoid screams and cries from the injured soldiers due to pain hence tampering with the listening of the other soldiers. Soldiers should be provided with the hearing aids which will help them in listening and also which will protect their ears from high sounds from bombs and gun shots. Also the soldiers should avoid shouts and screams during the war this is to ensure effective listening.

If you were to counsel one of the lead characters, what listening goals would you give for him/her? Explain

If I was to counsel one of the characters, I would advise himher to pay more attention on what he is listening this is by ensuring nothing is tampering with the listening. Recording is also another listening goal. He can look for recorders for him to listen and incase of misunderstood point he can rewind the voice. The character should also ensure where he is doing the listening the environment is conducive to avoid noises disrupting.

Cite all references correctly using APA.

Assess the culture of the characters in the movie:

What was the culture of the main characters of the movie?

Religion is one of the main characters culture. Desmond is raised up in a religious family where we see that when Desmond leaves for their training he is carrying a small Holy Bible that he was given by Dorothy with him. Political culture too is seen in the movie where Desmond and his fellow colleagues are working as soldiers this uniting the society and ensuring that everyone in the society lives comfortable.

How does the main characters culture relate to members of different cultures? Religion culture is relating to members of different culture where the soldiers come together work as a team, abide peace and they even care for others where we see that one of the soldiers who is Desmond cares more about his fellow soldiers and that’s why he is running up and down in the battle field saving the already injured soldiers and taking them to the safe side. Political culture the sergeant was trained to work with people from different backgrounds and he teaches the soldiers to work as a team even at war times

Was the main characters culture one that he/she was raised with or was it chosen by the character? For Desmond, he was raised up as a Christian and we see him performing some duties in the church even before he joined the army we also see him attending to the boy who got an accident and tying the injured part with his belt not caring if he stains his shirt with blood. For the sergeant and the soldiers the political culture was chosen since they choose to join the army and so they had to abide and respect the rules.

Find three elements concerning culture from your text and apply them to the movie, make sure you cite your source(s) using APA.

The elements include are idea s culture, symbols and beliefs. In the movie there is the idea of victory where the battle begins where every soldier is naïve and believes that the team is going to win. The element of symbols involves material and in the movie every soldier carries a gun that he will use in the battle also the soldiers has the bombs with them which they are using to attack their enemies. The last symbol is belief where it is seen to shape the future of a society. In the movie the future of troop is shaped by the actions they will take in the fighting ground