ESE 645 Week 4 Journal

ESE 645


Self-determination is very important for every individual specially those who have disabilities. Some students will take longer to develop self-determination skills, so it is very important to include these skills in lessons or other activities. “The capabilities needed to become self-determined are most effectively learned through real-world experience, which inherently involves taking risks, making mistakes, and reflecting on outcomes.” (Bremer, Kachgal & Schoeller, 2003). Practicing these skills will help the student develop and practice them throughout school days and preparing them for their transitioning. For me self-determination skills are very important, and students need to practice these skills on a daily basis to get full understanding.

I think that it is important for special education teachers and general education teachers to work closely together to help the special needs students. There will be students with mild disabilities and will be integrated in a general education classroom and special ed and general ed need to work together to provide the student with the best education possible. General education teachers are focused on creating a lesson plan using the state required standards so special education teacher can help general ed teachers develop or modify the lesson to incorporated self-determination skills for special education students or even for the whole class.

The process of creating lesson plans still has me very nervous and feel I need to learn more. Creating modifications or accommodations for special needs students is the most challenging. There are different accommodations and modifications that can benefit the student, but which one will be the best one? I think the most rewarding part of the creating the lesson is having the students engaged throughout the lesson.