Essay Draft on weight Loss

Essay Draft on weight Loss





Essay Draft on weight Loss

This paper tries to explain more about weight loss, its causes and how we can get rid of accumulative weight. Losing weight has become a great thing in today’s generation due to the lifestyle and type of food being consumed. This is a difficult task which requires determination and motivation that everyone needs to do. Accumulation of weight comes about due to large amount of food consumed and lack of exercise. People tend to develop some craving behavior towards certain food which in turn these foods lead to increase in order to maintain our weight we should adapt to good eating habits (Atkins, 2010).

Accumulation of weight has many problems in the body as it exerts a lot of pressure which the body cannot support. Increased weight may come out with many diseases including diabetes and sometimes blood pressure. In addition, it may lead to one losing shape because increase in weight goes hand in hand with body increment. Many women and most men consider getting rid of their stomachs instead of finding ways on how they can loss their weight. The best way to lose pounds of weight is through regular exercise while eating food in moderation. For many people the combination of exercise and diet is the best way lo loss weight (McGraw, 2008).

There are several steps involved to get rid of excessing weight but the most important thing is to keep it. To start with, one has to get rid of large amount of food he/she consumes and it needs an adaptive measure to be followed. It is also important to stop the behavior of craving for foods when one sees has also a role to reduce the amount of food kept in the house because the more you see it the more you like and crave to eat it. Many people have interest on fried foods and snacks which are highly known to add weight. This is a major influence in our society today because many firms advertise their product so as to sell them (Atkins, 2010)

Trudeau (2007) says that the key to successful on health weight loss is by simple equation. If one eats more calories than the rate they are burned in the body leads to increase in weight. Weight loss is not a linear event for a period of time. For instance, if one may cut the amount of calories he/she may drop significantly pounds per week. Changes may be seen because when you lose weight you are simply losing the amount of water in the body and lean tissue as well as fat. Therefore in order to lose weight you need to cut the amount of calories being consumed per week and increase the amount of fluids taken.

According to Atkins (2010) losing weight becomes a need because it is health and needs patient and commitment. There are emotional aspects of eating that may trip one up because many people do not eat to satisfy hunger but to relieve addition, one can make a good choice by adopting health lifestyle which will improve not only your outlook but also the mood and have more energy. It is also advisable to find a cheering section like group support so that they impact weight loss and lifelong eating lifestyle. The support may come either from the family members or from friends to encourage you to do much more.

The process of losing weight may look like small thing but one may take a period of time to go about it. Losing weight too fast may take a toll in one’s mind and body making the person feels slugging and sick. Losing much weight may also have some consequence because much water is lost than the fats. Therefore to carry out systematic weight loss you should set goals so that they can keep u motivated. Setting goals gives direction and helps one to keep motivated. Make sure that you are in charge of yourself and be committed. The most important thing to changing the amount of weight is being committed (Trudeau, 2007).

It is also important to conduct experts who have an idea about weight loss techniques or seek medical services so as not to do it the wrong way. Those subjected to weight loss should have a positive attitude towards what they are exercising in order to achieve their goal. In baking foods it is wise to use beans flour in place of all purpose to get the same texture of food needed. There are serious health problems because of weight and this should be taken seriously because the doctor may advise the victim to seek surgery or medication options. Plan for the weight loss and ask yourself whether you are ready for it in order to be committed to it (McGraw, 2008).

In conclusion, it is of great important to maintain and keep our shape. It is also good to have enough sleep because it has been witnessed that lack of sleep may lead to activation of hunger and one may be exposed to overeating. People are mostly tempted to follow short cuts but fad diet shoots the weight up. Finding other ways to calm our stress may be more important than taking food. Many people tend to eat snacks while they are watching and should be highly avoided.