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Ethical Dilemma




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Ethical Dilemma

Some states prohibit the use of particular tattoos. Depending on the situation and the position newton is serving; I believe that he is a problematic employee. This is because newton is supposed to create a conducive room for other employees and also those people he is providing service. Different people believe differently about tattoos. There are those who believe that tattoos are associated with evil people and those who believe that tattoos are also associated with thugs. Newton should understand that having a swastika tattoo will lead to problems between him and the other employees whereby they are uncomfortable living and working with him. He should also consider that having a tattoo of a naked woman would embarrass the women not only in those he is working with but also in the society. Being a police officer calls for respect for other people’s feelings because a police is a public figure and should lead by example. This tattoo makes newton to be the problem in his working place but on the other hand, there is problem situation. This comes in whereby every person has right to liberty free and also right of expression as he claims. This is where a problem situation now comes in (Nielsen & Gottschau, 2008).

Type of disciplinary action

It becomes difficult to deal with a situation where a police officer or any officer is involved. This is because police officers serve the people which represent the government or any other organization and if such scenario occurs it portrays the image of the organization. Sometimes it demands for action to be taken in order to control the situation. In order to deal with Newton, it is advisable to sit down with him and explain to him how embarrassing the tattoos are to the organization and other people. When dealing with Newton, I will ensure that he understands as to why people are not willing to work with him. In addition, explain further to him how the tattoos may cause side effects to his skin and make him understand. In current generation, there is no law that prohibits people from having a tattoo. It is best as a manager to talk to Newton and ensure that you agree on how he might cover up his tattoos or wear clothes that do not portray the tattoos to the public. Newton may affect other officers whereby they feel uncomfortable when working with him and may fail to response to the calls. I will talk to newton with much care because no rule that prohibits him from having the tattoos. On the other hand, I will also inform the other officers that they should respond to their work effectively because they are not working for newton but for the society. It is their duty to respond to work with or without new him. In addition, there are also consequences to be faced if there is no team work in policing. In an organization, personal issues should not be expressed but solved personally not affecting the whole organization. So other officers should ensure that their responsibilities have been accomplished despite the personal issues encountered in the work stations (Brennan et al. 2009).

Potential issues to be aware during disciplinary action

There are various issues that one should be aware when handling disciplinary actions. Some of these issues include discrimination or lawsuits. Equality should be exercised in the organization to avoid negative allegations which may cause chaos among the individuals. There should be an employment opportunity commission that should be followed when hiring employees and the rules included should be observed to the latter. All the steps followed during disciplinary action should be shown clearly to avoid discrimination some of the workers which can lead to conflict. There should be an effective disciplinary action which informs all the employees on the steps followed. Lawsuits are also potential problem which must be considered when taking a disciplinary action. This is also a sensitive part in an organization which can cause problem to the person administering the disciplinary action if the employee has got a right to do whatever he or she has done. The employees’ freedom should not be violated (Brennan et al. 2009).


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Nielsen, S. S., & Gottschau, J. (2008). Cross-Disciplinary Consumer Citizenship Education. Taking Responsibility.

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