Ethical Issue Facing Nike Company

Ethical Issues Facing Nike Company

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Over the years Nike Company has been dodging regular accusation of employing people from under- developed regions in the world. However, there has been implication of bad public image of the company has it has been generated by sweatshops across the world. Management of the company has tried severally to overcome current hurdles facing the firm translating into critical ethical problems and dilemmas in manufacturing of goods in foreign countries.

Ethical Issues and Dilemma

Workers are faced with poor working conditions that are below norms of such companies in the world. Generally, the company has low regard to making condition of employees any better especially in under-developed countries. Wages provided are relatively low to cater for their needs despite offering cheap labor to the factory. However, Nike is trying to correct problems facing the organization by employing people at a rate which is equal to minimum wage as predetermined by various countries and states.

Some of ethical issues the company is facing are child labor, low wages and operating in countries with trade restrictions. Child labor laws are overlooked by organization and employees made to work for long hours and treacherous conditions. Furthermore, currently the company is opening branches to countries which are controlled by trade unions and agreements. Recently, they have been accused of targeting on making expensive endorsement with little regards to human rights.

Since the year 2011 Nike has really worked towards improving and changing the image of the company to the rest of world. These have led to incorporating social groups’ perspectives to help them in decision making especially when determining course of action. These have attracted foreign investors, customers and new shareholders who are willing to purchase their products. Further the firm has developed respect to employee culture and practices with aim of redeeming their public image. In my opinion the approach will contribute to attracting of more customers to purchase their manufactured goods as the company is well known for producing quality products.


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