Ethics Capital Punishment

HU245-07 Ethics Capital Punishment


Office of Governor Rick Scott

State of Florida

Re: Implementing a New Judicial Verification System for those on Death Row.

Capital Punishment should be legal in all fifty states with the annexation of a new Judicial Verification Procedural System for those that are convicted of a crime and are to be placed on Death Row. This suggested Judicial Verification Procedural System (JVPS) would allow appeals, re-examination of trial, verification, and the confirmation of a crime to set the innocent people free, as many have slipped through the current illogical Judicial system. That includes the confusion, errors, and misapplications of Police Officers, Lawyers, Judges, Courts and Correctional Facilities, these mistakes should never conclude in the execution of an innocent individual.

Capital Punishment should not be abolished, as in Retributive or Deserts theory it should be given or used only when it is deserved and to the extent it is deserved (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2015). Capital Punishment it is not a moral wrong; it becomes a moral wrong when an innocent person is executed. In Utilitarianism, the theory states that capital punishment should be employed only if it can be shown that the best consequences will accrue to society and everyone involved (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2015).


Nelene Wisdom Bell


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