Evaluate Seth Goldman

Evaluate Seth Goldman’s leadership performance on the concept of the “Triple Bottom Line” using at least two (2) examples from both resources (at least four [4] total examples) to support your evaluation.

Triple bottom line is a three part concept that includes social, environmental, and financial aspects of performance. The three parts are often called the 3 P’s, which stands for people, planet, and profits. TBL is a significant tool to assist an organization’s sustainability (Slaper & Hall, 2011).

There are several examples of how Seth Goldman uses TBL for Honest Tea in both examples.

In the second video, Mr. Goldman deviates from discussing his company and talks about the fact that the US is the 40th in average life expectancy, but we are the wealthiest in the world. He goes on to discuss how his organization promotes health and wellness to help this statistic and overall health of the consumers. This is part of the social aspect of TBL.

Another example from the second video is his decision to expand his product under the Coke label. He realized that partnering with Coca Cola would allow his product to become more widely available as possible, to reach the masses. They did not want to only promote the product to the healthy individuals, but those that may not be aware of the product and its benefits. He realized that move reinforced the mission of Honest Tea. This falls under social and financial concepts of TBL.

In the first video, Mr. Goldman he discusses how the government will most likely not make the necessary changes to give us healthier products. He then goes on the state that he is working for an organization that is “helping to eliminate billions of calories from the American diet, helping to promote the spread of organic agriculture, and helping spread fair trade labor standard in the developing world.” This example falls under all three aspects of TBL.

Another example from the first video is how Mr. Goldman and his business partner/former teacher came up with the name and product type. Mr. Goldman found the need to produce a product that was healthy with less sugar. The name connected the business to a social enterprise to a mission driven organization. In addition, they first sold the product at Whole Foods and other organic stores. This is an example of the social and financial aspect of TBL.

Slaper, T. Hall, T. (2011). The Triple Bottom Line: What Is It and How Does It Work? Indiana Business Review. Retrieved August 11, 2017, from http://www.ibrc.indiana.edu/ibr/2011/spring/article2.html