Evolution Science in Sports

Evolution Science in Sports

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Evolution is a gradual change that takes place among human beings in their lives. Usually, it is a cornerstone of modern science. There is a lot of evolution of science that has taken place in sports in our today life over time. This paper is going to show a discussion of the marathon which is my favorite. Marathon has a variety of science behind it and mostly it is biological. Marathon involves metabolic rates which drastically change and requires the endocrine, respiratory and neuromuscular systems to function at higher levels for a longer time than average amounts of time.

There are biological processes that take place in the body of runners to curb the effects that arise during a marathon. First, physiological changes occur during a marathon which involve glycogen depletion. This is whereby all the quick energy from the carbohydrates is refurbished from blood glucose or muscular glycogen stores to sustain forward motion during the race. Marathon is a prolonged strenuous activity and glucose are usually depleted the first hence signals the liver to start converting muscular glycogen into blood glucose and provide energy to continue exercising. This process involves biology.

In conclusion, Marathon has made some technological advancement such as mechanical organs or electronic implants. For instance, doctors have come up with the idea of implanting joints, limbs and parts to return movement, function to runners who might have got injuries. There is a belief and custom that those talented in marathon inherit it, but scientific has dismissed it whereby research shows that someone is born with this talent and natured by motivation. The information above is necessary for running and can be used to better marathon since it is evident that glucose is essential during marathon hence I would always use it before starting the marathon.


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