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  2. Media studies and criminology differ in may ways. While criminal justice advocates for a thorough research and in-depth focus of events media studies is majorly based on people’s opinions which can times not be correct. Media is also influenced largely by the majority view of the masses and they have no people guiding it. Criminal justice on the other hand is strict and can have implications in law if not handled correctly. Media studies spreads the criminal news through media channels while criminology is based and handled by criminal justice department. Both criminal justice and media studies are similar in that they display they play good roles in mitigating risks of crime and by helping relieve the fear of crime in the society.
  3. My projection of the effects of the media to criminal justice is that it may increase aggression among the people. The media focuses so much on reporting to the people who solely rely on its channels for information and news which may negatively affect the thinking and perception of the prevalence of criminal activities. The news spread by the media may increase aggression among the people. Another risk is that most cases that got through the media may impact negatively the people and hence make it hard for the criminal department to make investigations. The media effects may also be felt positively though media collaboration with the criminal justice. Through encouraging good deeds.

Those who have different view other than the Marxist theory suffer while trying to debunk and go against the rotten system. While the Marxist theory is centered on many things such as unfair crime on the low and not able in the society, those against say that many crimes in the society is not based on the view but are on societal issues such as paternalism, religion and morality. While this encompasses most on the flexible aspects of criminology. As Marxist depicts the society as alienated by groups, we can see that people are naturally loving and caring which is not the individualistic approach taken by the theory. Capitalists on the other end view it as a way to claim the need to have a clear of influence they impact people into crime. The fear of crime and media impacts has come on more prevailing due to the political retribution and deterrence. Those who have oppositional view also view that criminal justice department don’t give maxim attention which the work deserves. The criminal justice does not focus on the corporate department like it does with street crime. While the street crime is comprised with petty crimes corporate crimes are sophisticated crimes.


Values that need to be set in order to realize national agenda include the facts such as equality, security, liberty and prosperity. Equality is the most focused on providing services to all people in the community with more consideration with equality and fairness. The fairness builds high trust of the criminal justice department to the people in the country. Skewed treatment would otherwise bring less cooperation and more rebels. Tightened security also on the other is a major focus on the security of the nation. Applying modern technology to focus more on eliminating criminals is a factor that needs good national setting and implementation. The third value liberty is also important to give freedom to citizens under the precincts stipulated in the constitution. The freedom makes people to act accordingly and with limits and an reduce crime at large. The last value is prosperity and as a value that sets national agenda, the general success of almost all people in the community leads to reduced levels of crime in the country. The nation should focus more on making its citizens succeed in life and therefore get a good support in its agenda. It becomes a pillar among the values that should set the pace of the nation.


Back in 1967 workers in TV news had newspapers and radio’s backgrounds. The TV were black and white pertaining their color and a broadcast was vulnerable because its newspapers journalism’s reputation was a lack. On the contrary, it was not able to compete live meaning a report of the radio was used on the scene as portable equipment were insufficient. But news in TVs grew up fast with Vietnam war which was reported by journalist that second Indochina war whereby they were against America made a conflict in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The significance of the event, one of the many events which change the coverage of TV news. Executives of TV news had to think of a way to execute live films, image and videos.

In 2017, news values can no longer be compared to 1967 as there has been a huge transformation. Most of crimes reported in 2017 over the news were based on the scene as the advance technology has impacted video and image production. Live TV was also available unlike in 1967. An example of a crime that was reported is the death rate which was high in America. In conclusion, news reporting has become easier in recent days as the new technology has impacted it positively.


Moral panic is a fear feeling that is spread among people that well-being of the society is threatened by some evil. Some of the crimes that do not fall in this category are like prostitution which involves selling and buying of sex. Soliciting for acts of sexual and compelling of another in sexual acts completion is what includes prostitution. Although in some countries it is punishable by a jailtime, some countries have legalized it. Robbery is another non-moral panic crime as per the examples of moral panic, i.e. satanic, gothic and Hip-Hop, robbery does not require all these. Most robbers only do it for survival or their desire with no moral panic factor.

The last crime reported to be non-moral panic is pornography but, in this case, only to the required age. When children or teens who are below the required age watch pornographic content, it is now considered immoral. The same factors are absent in pornographic contents and make it legal to user who is interested in sexual arousing. A protection forms of pornographic is First Amendment who decide on the permissions to give excluding children. Basically, moral panic crimes are those with satanic or evil beliefs and the above-mentioned crimes have qualified as non-moral panic crimes.


outrage recipients in women or young girls’ categories can be illustrated with examples or instances where they are involved. Some of these women have been found dealing with drug crimes as the cartels are using them as transporting tools for drugs. Women are operated and drugs are installed in their body for shipping over to other countries. This is an example of moral panic crime as the process involved is lethal. Another crime in this category done by women is using women power of seducing to kill famous or successful individuals. A satanic character can be best portrayed by a woman with bad intension compared to a male character.

Just like the shows or movies, women have a strong seducing power hence blindfolding the victim. To conclude with the last outrage recipient’s crime, women in Hip-Hop song’s videos. In our recent world, for a video to hit in the billboards, a woman figure is required. Most of the Hip-Hop videos use women and their contents are mostly explicit, not forgetting some portrays satanic images. The same moral panic theory can be used in this context as it explains how the young girls and women are outraging recipients in most communities.

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