Excell Data Analysis

Excell Data Analysis





Case 1

Pivot table showing the frequency distribution during November that the server was down for each downtime cause category (Agresti & Kateri, 2011). We can see that memory error was the most frequent downtime cause, while manual Re-start and slow startup were the least downtime causes during the month of November.

Row LabelsCount of Downtime Minutes
Manual Re-start1
Memory Errors10
Slow Startup1
Weekly Virus Scan4
Grand Total22

Bar chart

Below is a bar chart displaying the data from the frequency distribution table above.

Pie chart

The pie chart below breaks down the percentage of total downtime that is attributed to each downtime cause during November

The table below shows the downtime data for the month of November and the downtime minutes’ descriptive statistics (Agresti & Kateri, 2011). The mean time for downtime is 33 minutes, the median is 32.5, the standard deviation is 15.84045181 and the variance is 250.9199134 (Vaughn, 2008).

DateProblem ExperiencedDowntime minutes
11/03/16Memory Errors10
11/07/16Weekly Virus Scan60
11/07/16Memory Errors35
11/07/16Memory Errors20
11/10/16Slow Startup45
11/10/16Weekly Virus Scan60
11/11/16Memory Errors30
11/14/16Memory Errors10
11/16/16Manual Re-start20
11/18/16Memory Errors35
11/18/16Weekly Virus Scan60
11/21/16Memory Errors35
11/22/16Memory Errors20
11/27/16Memory Errors40
11/30/16Weekly Virus Scan60
11/28/16Memory Errors15
 AVERAGE 33.40909091
 MEDIAN 32.5
 VARIANCE 250.9199134

Case 2

The table below shows the observation dates which are 6 years apart, their corresponding Consumer price indexes and national inflation rates.

observation_dateCPIAUCSLNational inflation rate1951-11-0126.3201957-11-0128.4107.9407294831963-11-0130.7808.3421330521969-11-0137.50021.832358671975-11-0155.30047.466666671981-11-0193.80069.620253161987-11-01115.40023.027718551993-11-01146.00026.516464471999-11-01168.40015.342465752005-11-01198.10017.636579572011-11-01227.16914.673902072017-11-01247.5928.990223138

Below is a line graph of the percentage changes (national inflation rates) as in the table above

From the analyses above, it is evident that the period between 01-11-1975 and 01-11-1981 with an inflation rate of 69.62025316


Agresti, A., & Kateri, M. (2011). Categorical data analysis. In International encyclopedia of statistical science (pp. 206-208). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Vaughn, B. K. (2008). Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models, by Gelman, A., & Hill, J. Journal of Educational Measurement45(1), 94-97.