Executive summary of Tom Brokaw case

Executive summary of Tom Brokaw case




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The ≠metoo conversation is very far from over as this paper would produce a report concerning Tom Brokaw case. Tom Brokaw is the former powerful NBC news anchor who was accused of sexual misconduct towards Linda Vester and variety of other women. Tom Brokaw left the work in 2004 but there has been crisis as concerning his behaviour. To deal with Tom Brokaw crisis, we are going to come up with a plan and a way to deal with all the claims. Linda Vester come out saying that Tom had harassed her in 1990s. (Chen, Chen, & Allaire, 2019). Another women says that Tom Brokaw tried to kiss her in 1960s. Since Linda started pursuing Tom Brokaw for making unwanted advances during their meeting, variety of other women have as well claimed that the former NBC powerful anchor tried as well to harass them sexually.

We have researched and gathered all the claims concerning Tom Brokaw. Fact checks have also been collected through direct interview with him, his NBC colleagues and also the victims to this case. We have done all we can and used the most effective strategy into to get effective response to the mass and to the involved parties. As we are understand that the case of Tom Brokaw does not only affect him in person but also the reputation of all news presenter as well as other people who are public figure. From statistics and research, Tom Brokaw is the last known public figure to be associated with the sexual misconduct. The past three weeks variety of news from different women have come out saying that Tom made unwanted advances. Tom Brokaw has denied all the claims and said that those news have ‘’ ambushed’’ him.

The former colleagues of Tom Brokaw have come out to his defense saying that he has always treated every one with decency and integrity. His colleagues even went ahead to write a letter standing with Tom Brokaw that he is a tremendous man with decency and integrity (Traister, 2018). Tom Brokaw has explained their meeting with Linder which was held 23 years ago that it was purely decency and he adds that he did not make any romantic or suggestive overtures towards her. He has strongly denied also the claims of the other unnamed women saying that he has never has sexual misconduct to either of the victims. He provided a long email which was full of anger saying that the reports have ambushed him seriously.

In response to Brokaw allegations, the network finds it difficult because every person who has worked with him says that he treats everyone with respect and fairness. How we manage the allegations concerning Brokaw determines his future reputation and also the face of all journalists. We apologize for the victims and also to Brokaw. We would do thorough investigation concerning the allegation and ensure that every detail has been brought to light. Transparency, respect and honesty is very crucial to everyone therefore the negative comments or seeking help by use of negative words should not be used (Chen, Chen, & Allaire, 2019). We also understand that use of social media and other network to spread hate and negative energy should be minimal. The networks takes these allegations so serious therefore everyone should lay low and wait for the network to bring every detail into light.

In conclusion,£Metoo conversations are not even close to be over which includes NBC cases. Every detail concerning these conversations would be managed accordingly. We advocate for transparency, respect and honesty in order to ensure everyone is in good state.


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Traister, R. (2018). Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.

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