Explain how the knowledge management value chain supports management decision making




Explain how the knowledge management value chain supports management decision making

The knowledge of the management is a key factor when the company wants to realize the organization success and even sustain it for the efficiency to be improved as well as the innovation and the competitive advantage to be realized. The knowledge management of the value chain supports the decision making of the managers. This is a sequence of the intellectual activities by which the knowledge workers build for their employees a unique competitive advantage

There is a knowledge activity which is transformed into the information and finally access the knowledge. The knowledge is useful in the decision-making by using set of activities which are called primary activates. Construction of the model depends on concept of systems theory which includes input, transform and finally output.

When the knowledge is being utilized, there is process of integration and the coherence which is between the knowledge which is obtained and when used by the decision makers. The decision makers uses the intelligence to make decisions which regards to the use of a particular set of the resources or the investment in specific areas.

Generally, the managers understanding of the information flow assist in getting the information that is required to be used in decision making. The way of clarification of some of the issues is also, understood. In addition, the intelligences are necessary in determining the areas which requires decision to be made and the necessary requirements.

The type of infrastructure an organization might need to support business intelligence and analytics for decision-making purposes

Organization should have the kind of the infrastructure that is supporting the business intelligence. There should be cloud and the software as a service, business intelligence, open source business intelligence, location intelligence all this being online analytical processing. Also there should be ad hoc analysis. There should be support of data visualization software which will be used for designing the charts as well as other info graphics.

Decision-making tool that only a CEO or senior management might use

Decision making tool that is used mainly by the senior management is progressive approach to modeling. The modeling for decision making involves two parties, decision maker and the other is analyst. The analyst is to assist the decision maker. The model finds solutions for many complex and even large scale industrial problems. It brings many innovations to the problem analytics.