Facilitating Spiritual Care

Facilitating Spiritual Care

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Facilitating Spiritual Care

One of my main strengths that which illustrated when dealing with patients with different worldviews from my own is the fact that I am an open minded person. As such, I am able to converse with my patient and understand their spiritual standpoint. Consequently, I then try my best to offer the most appropriate kind of spiritual support and care that I can based on the patient’s needs (Taylor, 2002). Additionally, I am a spiritual person. As such, I believe that it is important to draw comfort and hope from a certain source. For this reason, regardless of a patient’s view, I am able to understand the specific need and avail it to them in the best way that I can.

Additionally, I am a respectful person who doesn’t judge people for the mere fact that they are different from me. As such, I ensure that my patients are aware of the fact that I am available to listen and to welcome their spiritual standpoint, however different it may be from mine. However, my main weakness is that I am not conversant with all spiritual settings. The reason is that patients have various sources of spiritual nourishment and I am sometimes caught unaware by the patients’ needs (Taylor, 2002). However, I usually ensure that I listen carefully which in turn provides me with a clear understanding of their spiritual perspective.

If I were the patient, my immediate family would have the final say in terms of ethical decision-making as well as intervention in case of a difficult situation. The reason is that my family always has my best interest at heart. Moreover, they are the closest people to me in the entire world. As such, they know me as a person and family member which would ensure that they would make the best decision for me. Moreover, with my family, mutual respect and love is maintained and this ensures that they would make the best decision pertaining to my health in case I was not able to make such a decision myself.


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