Fall of Human

Fall of human




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Humans are shown to be wise having immense knowledge therefore able to give names to all living creatures. They are also social and love companionship with Adam crealy shown to be lonely before Eve was created. Humans are responsible beings evident by being charged with the duty of taking care of all God’s creation.

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Enmity develops between human and the creatures he is supposed to take care of seen during the curse to the woman and the serpent. This is spread even to all other creatures resilting to vices such as poaching that destroy God’s creation. Blame and evasion develops as Adam is reluctant to take responsibility for his own mistake and laying the blame to the woman with the woman in turn laying the blame to the serpent. Hierarchy of gender among the humans is seen as the woman is cursed to be ruled over by the man who has resulted to modern cases of male chauvinism and women discrimination.

Question 3

Humans are supposed to obey their creator or risk facing grave consequences similar to those of Adam and Eve. Marriage is a holy institution and should be entered with full commitment shown by both leaving parents to join as one flesh where they should help God in creation by procreating. Humans should be able to discern and choose what’s right and evil bearing in mind there is punishment for sins. Taking care of the creation as directed by God Himself will establish a good relationship between and man and God therefore blessings of riches and prosperity.

Question 4

Atheist would say that humans are to live freely following their conscious because there is no supreme being. Marriage is optional and people should not be lead to believe it is spiritual and one can choose whether to engage in marriage or not. They also have the freedom of choosing whether or not to have kids. There is no supreme being responsible for punishing a person for sins committed fate determines a man’s destiny depending on his actions

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Alcoholism Public Service Announcement

(Background theme plays as the logo for the Public Service Commission appears on the screen)

Narrator: Alcoholism is the uncontrolled addiction to alcohol which is evident through the increased number drunkards roaming in the major streets. It is seen through the high number of bars, pubs and liquor shops which is a direct reflection of the high level of alcohol dependency among the people.

(Images of drunkards sleeping in the streets and those of open liquor shops appear)

Narrator: Research shows rehabs are 80% effective in reducing alcoholism this centre have elaborate programs designed for recuperating alcoholics. Parents should educate their children on the dangers of alcohol indulgence from an early age. They should also be attentive to detect point signs of alcohol consumption among their children and correct before the problem grows. The government is working with local authorities to ensure regulated operational hours for bars , pubs and liquor stores to limit access to alcoholic beverages.

(Show images of police officers arresting a retailer outside a liquor store to show vigilance)

( split screen to appear, left side an animated narrator dressed like a doctor reading the lines as they appear on the right side, graphs and tables will also appear on the right side)

Narrator: A recent study shows that alcoholism is caused by a variety of environmental and social factors with stress accounting for up to 40% of reported cases. Other causes include traditional beliefs, peer influence and idleness. Advertisers potraying drinking as fun has led to 400% increase in alcoholism between 1971 to 2011 (Mazas et al 2014)

(Graphics of cause and alcoholism percentage will display as the narrator mention the causes)

Narrator: Did you know that alcoholism is the biggest public health crises? Studies show that 30% of alcohol poisoning deaths are due to alcoholism. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to vomiting, unconsciousness, raced heartbeat and cardiac arrest in severe cases. Alcohol related accidents such as drunken driving, fires and falls has resulted to deaths of 100,000 annually depicted by Alcohol org. 2019.

(Animations of a person vomiting,and ambulance siren showing medical emergency to appear, split screen to stop)

Narrator: The holy book teaches us not to judge or condemn others rather understand and try to help. Research shows that recovering alcoholics, who are treated differently by either losing their job or demotion, tend to relapse back to alcoholism due to high feelings of guilt and shame (Cabin, 2017).

(Narration stops and the public service commission logo appears as theme background music plays)


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