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I am a perfect candidate for Fashion Institute of Technology because I am creative, hardworking and motivated individual.As a child, I grew up admiring the world of fashion and coming up with my own fashion trends. One of my hobbies as a little girl was to make dresses for my dolls which my friends used to like. They would bring their materials for me to design and sew some dresses for their dolls as well.I used to look up to fashion icons like Anna Wintour and Giorgio Armani. These two fashion icons are my favourite designers in the fashion industry. They are able to come up with trending and bespoke collections.

My aspirations in life have been influenced by Anna Wintour and Giorgio Armani. They are my major influential people in the fashion industry. I admire and adore their work a lot. They have been able to brand themselves and their work in a good way such that they became noticeable for it. Giorgio Armani has been able to built his brands past fashion and come up with anextension of beauty products.I am allured to become greater than their work and what they have built.

My mother has been an influential person in my desire for fashion. Apart from her daily work, she was very good at design, sewing and knitting. She used to mend our torn clothes, tailor make clothes for me and knit warm sweaters or scarves for winter. Through her I was able to learn and love sewing and knitting. She was able to teach mehow to sew and knit at a very young age. I have since been able to use my knitting skills to use by merchandising my creativity. I usually knit scarves, sweaters, leggings or socks and sell online or to my friends. It has been a successful hobby because I get paid doing what I love.

What gives me more motivation to apply for Fashion Business Management is the fact that it is diverse and I will get the opportunity tolearn and perfect my creativity.There is also opportunities in getting recognition through showcasing my work. Fashion business Management will also help my creativity become merchandised. Through this course I will learn on ways to brand my work. It will also equip me with the right skills I need especially on management because of the opportunities Fashion Institute of Technology offers through the trips that students take to meet industry executives in stores or company offices.

Fashion Business Management at Fashion Institute of Technology has extracurricular activities that would give me the experience I need in the fashion industry. Some of these activities include a Runway 27 and Black Retail Group. These are amazing opportunities for a student who is interested in the fashion industry. There is also an added advantage to these extracurricular activities because it involves working with other students and coming up with ideas.

In Fashion Business Management, I will be able to learn about global merchandising. This will be a great opportunity for an upcoming fashion designer like me. I will have the opportunity to have the skills that will enable me to merge both my creative style with my business decisions. This will be good for my career. There are also industries scholarships that are linked to this degree program that I will want to participate for experience.

I strongly feel that given a chance to study at Fashion Institute of Technology my career in fashion industry will be achievable. The units that are being studied include marketing, product development, and planning and fashion management. Through marketing I will learn on the various ways I can market my work. Product development however will help me perfect my amateur skills. Fashion management will also draw me towards managerial skills and helping me in making important decisions on my work.