Federal bureau of investigation agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agency

Federal Bureau of investigation is one of the most important agencies which deal with security service domestically in United States. This agency is well known for the provision of nation’s security and law enforcement agency. This organization has become a member on intelligence community which serves well in U.S for security provision. It is responsible for federal crimes and other criminal activities whereby it can report to the Attorney general of the state. The organization has many unique tasks whereby they support strong security of the nation. FBI is responsible for the collection of information that is helpful for maintenance of good security. It is a domestic agency which also acts significantly to international footprint.

In addition, through the coordination of international nations, it is also involved ensuring foreign security whereby security operations are maintained in the hosted countries. The FBI members are able to conduct secret tasks which help them to gain information pertaining criminal activities which lead to new interventions. These activities mostly require government support and coordination to make sure that every part receives adequate security. Its name at first was the Bureau of investigation in the year 1908 and due to great work this organization conducted the name was changed from Bureau to Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to evaluation of the media efforts done by my members, they have really tried much on the improvement of security in different areas (Lowenthal, 2001).

According to Moore (2009) the media efforts have really changed the state of national security through rougher and tough investigation whereby those who threaten the peace of the state are immediately arrested. FBI was also involved in breakage of the diplomatic codes which gave the state a way to read soviet communications. The efforts from the FBI members also compiled the names of the people who were to be taken to the custody due to law violation. This organization created a strong naval intelligence index which their focus was specifically American. They also conducted home searches whereby there were a many people were arrested and taken to custody. This was done in order for creation of tight security whereby they laid background checks for those in need of application. Every person entering or coming out the foreign camp were highly supervised to ensure that all people are in good conditions. In addition, high monitoring was done in order to get the troublemakers to the custody to make the nation free from insecurity (Moore, 2009).

FBI is an organization with a difference whereby the members has really tried and created working teams. The working teams were made in order to help sort out problems which might occur in an organized event. For instance, very strong team was created during the Olympics held at Los Angeles which ensured tight security among the people. In addition, FBI created a comprised system in response to any attack and any problem that might arise. As the manager of FBI can say that the members have done very great job in provision of security to the nation. According to FBI members, terrorist were not seen as threat to the organization because of tight security and well organized team to fight for security. There was also intelligence ways formulated to stop violent crimes which might arise.

The members also formed different departments to help both local and state in security provision. This is due to the efforts made by the FBI to stop those crossing the state lines. By crossing the state lines was considered as an offense. FBI introduced a system for security and criminal investigation which focused on taking the fingerprints of an individual. There are notable efforts which created positive impact to the nation from the FBI. The FBI increased the level of encountering with the terrorists which used advanced system. There was introduction of new technology which in turn lead to the increase in the level of tracking and needed high skill for analysis. High technology helped in the nation’s success whereby the obstructions and investigations were done technologically. In addition, the FBI is known to have settled many despites among the private sectors. There was an upgrade of the FBIs technology whereby it involved purchasing of threat infrastructure materials used to detect threat (Lowenthal, 2001).

Another positive aspect of FBI format is the way they conducted the organization. They kept on improving their level of fighting the terrorist and criminal activities. They improved the infrastructures used for detection of internet problems which could happen due to interference or virus attack. The evolution was done to avoid any interference with the machines which were used to keep and retrieve the information for analysis. If the operations could have been threatened by the viruses or any other attack could have led to failure on FBI sector. FBI had much improvement and development which kept national security to high levels. Many people have adapted to the use of telecommunications advancements which were made in order to meet future objectives and eradicate the problems (Investigation, 2007).

On the other hand, there are also negative aspects of FBI organization whereby corruption is leading. Corruption in FBI starts from local to federal state whereby the elected members lead in this sector creating erosion of the organization’s name. It also lowers the organizations confidence and also affecting how the infrastructures are built. Corruption has many effects in an organization which can lead to conflict among the members which also in turn may lead to collapse of the organization. Corruption is like a disease whereby if it affects an organization is hard to eradicate. It affects how well the organization performs leading to poor development. Due to corruption, many visitors have entered the country posing a lot of insecurity to our government. Corruption has been highly exercised by FBI members on the borders whereby many of the illegal activities have taken place. This is a serious effect of this organization which should be remedied with immediate effect. The nation is also put at risk of insecurity because of high level of corruption taking place even on seaports and airports (Jernigan et al. 2006).

In conclusion, Federal Bureau of Investigation can make changes to make the organization the best place offering good security without bias. It is possible to change and enhance data collection along the borders so as to make future changes which will create positive impacts to our nation. Comparison for the collected data should be done in order to evaluate the changes made whether they are effective or not effective for the nations benefit. The level of data collected should be highly supervised to avoid misleading information. It is also important to increase special prosecutor usage whereby the police may carry out misconduct investigations. This will improve the level of transparency and commitment of the police officers to their work.


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