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Assignment 2: FHEA Exam Follow-up

The purpose of this paper is to present an action plan including a study plan to help me maintain areas of strength and address areas where improvement is required in preparation for the certification exam.

The three areas where I had minimal scores include Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing: Epidemiology, Professional Role, and Policy: Technology and Information Literacy and independent Practice Competencies: Ethical, Legal, and Scope and Standards. The action plan including study plan for each part is outlined below.

Planned to put more effort into Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing: Epidemiology since it is the area where I had the least acceptable score. I will assign more study time to topics in this area to ensure that everything is covered in detail. This area will be assigned at least 4 study sessions each week, where I will only revise areas under this section. I plan to study with my friend who scored better in this area to help improve my understanding. Additionally, I will take free online practice questions to help me test my knowledge of how much I have improved in this section.

The second area where I need improvement is Professional Role and Policy: Technology and Information Literacy and independent. This is another area where I will need to revise more materials related to this topic. First, I will need to go through the content under this area to be able to understand what is required. I will adjust my study areas, to ensure I focused more on this area. This will ensure that I cover more topics and expand my knowledge in this area.

Another area of concern is Practice Competencies: Ethical, Legal, and Scope and Standards. Even though my score in this area was not too low, it would be better not to leave anything for a chance in preparation for certification exam. Like in other two areas, I will study topics under this rea with more focus and determination. The study will involve taking free online test questions to evaluate my understanding.

Overall, I will identify the content in each of the areas identified to be able to put more concentration on them. I will also re-distribute my study time and allocate more time to these areas, which may help improve my score in the final exam.