Course Wrap Up

FIN 100 Week 11 Discussion

“Course Wrap-Up” Please respond to the following:

Imagine you have completed your bachelor’s degree at Strayer and you are searching for a job in finance, accounting or business. Using various employment websites (i.e.,, find three (3) careers in finance that you are interested in applying to. Be sure to specifically address why you are interested in the career, what qualifications you have or may need to get this position, and where do you see yourself in this career long-term. Be sure to cite the website where you found each career.

The three careers in finance that I am interested in applying to are Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Vice President Human Resources:

This position interests me because a person in this position can be a vital and lead and association’s workforce down a guide for accomplishment through instructing, tutoring and business advancement. What’s more, Vice Presidents of HR can outline and receive new ability programs that can lead the association and productivity. Moreover, I appreciate composing strategies and systems and giving procedures and engaging a workforce. Capabilities for this position incorporate “Four-year college education in Human Resources, Business or a related field or proportional training and experience. No less than ten years proficient HR experience, which included no less than five years of supervisory/administration experience.”

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

This position interest me because an individual can help with the development of techniques and plan an association’s money related future heading through the engagement of the main activities. It is finished by driving end checking the execution of marketable strategy plans and directing an association’s planning procedure. Moreover, CFO’S can join in pivotal budgetary choices and serve as a feature of an association’s official administration board. A capability for this position contains a “master’s degree in accounting or business organization or a proportional business experience and ten years of dynamic, capable involvement in a unique organization or division of a vast partnership.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

This position interest me because an individual can give authority and course to the top managerial staff and be in charge of the usage of new arrangements and methods notwithstanding coordinating and planning obligations. Capabilities for this position incorporate a “four-year college education from a licensed school or college and at least 5 to 7 years encounter in overseeing projects or operations in a non-benefit organization.

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