My Business Venture

My Business Venture

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My Business Venture

The business venture I would like to pursue is a women’s online boutique. This boutique will target only women of all shapes, sizes and styles. The location of this business will solely be online. My customers would be able to purchase directly through the website or on social media platforms. Social media platforms will be my biggest advertisement of getting my business name out there. Online shopping is progressing everyday and more people would rather shop online then go to the actual store, I am one of those people. There are many competitors in this market. I would not even begin to count how many online clothing stores there are.

I am interested in this business because this is something I can relate to. I am always online shopping and going to different boutiques checking out the different styles everyone has. Shopping for my inventory will be fun and not feel like a job to me. This will feel just like any other day shopping for clothes. I love the fashion industry and love seeing what is coming back in style. Another reason why this interests me is because there is no physical location. I can run this business right from my home. Although one day down the line I may want to open a physical location, but the online boutique is something I would like to stay with for a while.

Like I stated earlier there are many different competitors. I think my business would be successful because I want to have a wide range of different styles for my customers. I don’t want to have the same looking clothes for just one body type and one style. I want to get input from my family and try to implement their different styles into the inventory I will be buying. A lot of the online stores that are out there now are based off one style with not a lot of options for those who do not want to wear crop tops or mini dresses. Expanding the styles will really set me apart from my competitors.

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