Final Project Community Event Part 1

Final Project: Community Event


Education placed in students hands no matter the Disability Role you have selected to take (Community Center Representative)

Community Center Intro

Hello everyone my name is Carolyn Williams and I will be the representative at the community centers. It is my responsibility to introduce technology and the learning experience to the community. As your community representative I will be hosting this weekend an event that will students can come in and learn about the new technology that is happening, plus the community center will be able to have funding for education on new technology. As students come in to learn about the new technology that they do not know about the center will have stations; at each one of these stations the student will be able to go and pick up important information on UDL (Universal Design for Learning), CTE (Career and Technology Education), and on how the center will be funded and where the funding will come from.



All students and adults to learn at each station. Everyone learns differently but presenting to the audience I can have hand-on materials and visual aids that would be colorful and creative for each station. The visual aids will have facts of the important information at hand. When students come into the center each one will have hands on-experience with a Smartboard, hand held whiteboards and iPads.

Universal Design for Learning Information

The UDL “offer a wide variety of choices for how to enter information and receive feedback; more importantly, they often suggest multiple routes to take, giving the traveler options” (Meyer, Rose, & Gordon, n.d., pa 1). The UDL can be very “helpful for all kids, including kids with learning and attention issues. But UDL takes careful planning by teachers. Here are just a few examples of how UDL can work in a classroom” (CAST, 2018, pa. 2). UDL technology has positive effects on students learning and especially students who have a disability. Student are just like a fingerprint they will learn at their own pace with additional support and resources coming from the school district as well as the community center. The community center will also discuss the CTE programs at one of the stations and what they will offer, the career that the students will have a future once they graduate or have a trade with would be great for them to start living there lives. The CTE programs are here for students to pursue a career of there choice. “We encourage our students to get out of their comfort zones and take on the challenges of applying their knowledge. It is not enough to just read and memorize the content” (Association for career & technical education, 2016, pa 2).


The audience will see what each station is about. They will see the information on the Smartboard or the projector. When the students (audience) are at the stations there environment will be comfortable and they will provide more information on the UDL. By showing the students the information on the projector so that all of the students will understand what the UDL is about and how the education is important.

The brochure on the tables when the audience comes into the center they can pick up. The centers audience will be able to address how the strategies of UDL are incorporated within the classroom with there teachers followed by a list of researched resources and references. Questions what the Audience will haveWhat is UDL? The UDL is an educational set of principles that will maximizes all of the opportunities for the different learners in the classroom that will be based on the principles (CAFÉ, 2019, pa 1). Why is UDL necessary Important ? The UDL will offer challenges to teachers and educators that will have curriculum benefits in the classroom with students who are diverse. Each Principle I, II, and III are here to help teachers provide resources in the classroom (CAFÉ, 2019, pa 4). All accommodations are very necessary for students who have a disability. It is also essential to have resources in the classroom that the teachers can more information from the UDL.



The audience will use Smartboard, individual small whiteboards and iPads to interact with each station. The audience will finish with each station presentation and they will share their experiences of what they have learned at the center through all of the technology devices that will support the curriculum in the classroom. After showing the presentation to the audience I will ask them what they think about the UDL and how does it work in the classroom or do you see any support in the classroom that helps the students and teachers give resources for assignments. Ask another question on if they have concerns for the UDL or other technology that they have learned at the stations.

Station 2: Technology and UDL for all Learners



Mission:At the Clark County School District our missions in the technology department is dedicated to providing a excellence education. We want to provide support and Universal Design of Learning to every student in the classroom. The main focus is have fundamentals in the technology class and skills/resources of the UDL. We want to ensure every student in the classroom by providing guidance, creating leadership and meeting all of the students needs. The environment for the students to ensure that every students has college ready classes, this is our commitment, working together to achieve the students success in the classroom. We want to make sure that all of the students are emotionally ready to succeed and prepared for the future.


BELIEF:At the Clark Country School District; we believe that every student education is an investment knowing that they have learned all of the education possible.The CCSD also believes that the environment should be safe and that the students are being taught in are given the opportunity to learn at there own pace. In the CCSD we believe that there are no failure students or teachers we want to make sure that all of our teachers will know how there students are in the classroom and how much education they can take in one setting. Having a supportive environment with students and parents in the classroom for our students that have a learning disability, they need to feel comfortable talking to there own peers while working in groups in the classroom.

Goals and Missions


The Clark County School District goals for Special EducationStudents that have a learning disability we as educators have to think about needs and what type of resources we can provide them in the classroom. By having goals from the students IEP is imperative and it will help the student in the classroom and they will be able to achieve and reach a high goal from their original goals. Goals for students to learn extra in the classroom they would need resources to participate in extracurricular activates. Goals for disability students is to make sure that all of the necessary life skills or make in a lesson plan and also to ensure that the students has a productive life.In the Clark Country School District students will be able to learn in a free environment of bullying. My goal as future educator is that I want to provide a necessary resource of learning technology, motivation and the engagement in the classroom. The life skills is very important when teaching the students throughout the school year.

Course and/or Program Offerings

Clark Country School District ES-General Education Math ScienceEnglish MSGeneral Education Math, Pre-Algebra ELA Science World Geography World History HS (CTE)Agriculture and Natural Resources Business and Marketing Education, Hospitality and Human Services Health Science and public Safety Information and Media Technologies Skilled and Technologies (CCSD, 2019, pa 5)

Section 3: 21st Century Skills Acquisition and Employability

Work Experience Preparation Global AwarenessLearning and Innovation Skills Communication and Collaboration Media and Technology Skills Media LiteracyLife and Career Skills Leadership Responsibility

Technology and 21st– Century Skills


Computers or iPads students will learn about many programs they will use in the CTE future career opportunities on social media websites. Searching for jobs and/or going to school.

The audience will see how well they can use the iPads in school and at the community center. The audience will have a great opportunity to do research and have interaction with the rest of the community. While at the station the audience will be able to see how the technology works and how to operate research engine in the websites.


New Technology

According to the WebEx “web conferencing combines dynamic online meetings with integrated collaboration tools. Everyone in your organization can present, share, and collaborate — anywhere, any time.” (WebEx, 2015, pa. 1). The community center would benefit from the experience of the technology that they can produce, and engage in career participation of there choice. The younger audience from today will focus on the new and how to use technology to acquire the knowledge and skills that require research of a career or job.

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