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Holding Hands and Healing Hearts Health facility is an integrated center. The healthcare center started as a small enterprise. Unfortunately, the hospital lost one manager who was responsible for the guidance and counseling division. The healthcare center decided to change their strategic plans after the administrator resigned from the department. The contents of the strategic plan were the recruitment strategy, pre-boarding, on-boarding plans, regulations as well as practices of the hospital. Every strategy has its respective function. For example, the recruitment strategy focuses on hiring new employees including the managers and clerical staff who would replace the one who leaves unexpectedly. The aim of the pre-boarding plan is to search employees who would fit in specific positions in the company. The on-boarding plan focuses on making observations on the new employees on their efficiency at any workstation for 30 to 180 days. The purpose of the regulations and practices is to define the qualifications of job positions.

The Recruitment Plan

The management guide states that recruitment strategy is the appropriate instrument for hiring new employees. It also deals with the allocation of costs, budget preparation, handling talents and succession strategy (Human Resource Management Guide, 2018). The components of the recruitment plan are retirement, outsourcing, onboard and pre-board techniques. The retirement plans post job positions on the internet with the description and qualifications for the applicants. Subsequently, sourcing deals with selecting the appropriate candidate who has to meet the job requirements for them to go for the interview. The organization will short-list the candidates and choose the one who fits perfectly in the job after completing the interview. The candidate who is chosen has to undergo the retention plan, pre-boarding and on-boarding process. The background analysis is an essential element in the recruitment process. It gives evidence that the candidate has no past criminal offense. After completing the basic steps of the hiring process, the employer decides on carrying out further analysis or recruiting the candidate. The next action that the employers take in the recruitment process is on-boarding. Onboarding involves providing training to the selected candidate on the job, through videos, by the trainer and supervision by the manager. The retention strategy is used to make the work interesting every day. It assists in making changes by introducing improved technology (Human Resource Management Guide, 2018). A recruitment plan is important because it assists the employers to choose the appropriate candidate. Organizations should include money for the hiring process in their budget.

Pre-Boarding Checklist and Onboarding Plan

The pre-boarding checklist is outlined below. The plan consists of all the conditions that should be taken into account before the actual start date. The pre-board plan is outlined as follows:

The onboarding plan involves giving training and making plans to convey the appointments that must have observations. The in-board plan can be outlined as follows:

  • The announcement is made to the applicants to give them a position, gather all the necessary data, familiarize the new employee in the division and give the employee the publication that will guide them on dress code as well as their conduct. The will assign an instructor who will guide the employee. The recruiter will make schedules in the first week for the employee to be conversant with the structure and activities of the organization (“Pre-boarding – preparing for the new employee’s arrival | Manager Gateway | USC”, 2018).
  • Onboarding Plan

Policies and Practices

  • The data was retrieved from the article by Gilliam, 2015. He claimed that the onboarding plan has thirty days which are part of the test period. The fifteen days are set apart to give training to the employee and filling the necessary documents. The efficiency of the employee will be assessed by the nine-box framework (Gilliam, 2015). The other part will be ninety days which is the final section of the test process. The new employee should understand the nature of their job and their duties before the 90 day test period. The employee should be capable of carrying out activities without supervision. The performance of the employee should improve as a result of going through the 30-day probation process in accordance with the nine-box framework (Gilliam, 2015).
  • After completing the probation process for 180 days, it is expected that the employee should be aware of the requirements of their job position. In addition, the employee should take part in all the activities of the organization. The employee should enroll for advanced training and the needed courses for the job. With respect to the principle of the nine-box grid, the employee’s efficiency should be high. The principles hold that the improvement process of the employee’s performance should be continuous. In case there is a problem with the employee’s efficiency, they should receive additional training to improve their skills. The other solution can be taking the employee to another department. In case the solutions are not effective, the employee should be terminated (Deutsch, 2016).

The human resource management guide states that a policy is a collection of guidelines that are formed by the state, enterprises or people to guide their conduct (Human Resource Management Guide, 2018). The policies and practices of Holding Hands and Healing Hearts Healthcare Center are to act in accordance with their mission, vision as well as the core principles. The other policies and procedures include solving dilemmas, making plans for the committees, formulating plans on motivating the staff and retaining the employees. The first step in solving the dilemmas that may arise in the workplace is to clarify the type of conflict. In our case, the administrator in the counseling divisions has left the organization unexpectedly. The second step is to develop similar goals among all the employees in the healthcare institution. The third action that should be taken is establishing open communication with the executives and subordinates. The next action that the hospital management should take is discussing on the possible solutions to meet their goals. Further, the managers should verify the risks that might occur when meeting the goals of the organization. The administrators and staff of the hospital should formulate strategies on the ways of resolving the conflicts and overcoming the challenges (Bruce, 2013).


Holding hands and Healing Hearts is an integrated center that offers high-quality services. The healthcare center gives services including spa medication to patients who need assistance in their recovery process. The hospital has many departments and hires individuals from diverse backgrounds with different age-brackets which have resulted in conflicts within the organization. It depends on the management of the institution. It is essential for the management to have different strategies for their division to meet the goals in spite of the differences in their backgrounds and age.


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