FNP 690 Benchmark Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

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Grand Canyon University: FNP690

Week One

New Practice Approaches

The writer and the mentor choose this topic on the first week since the writer was explaining to the mentor what the project was on, how the mentor can help and most important how the writer was planning to execute it. The health care system is changing every day for that reason all individuals that work on it need to keep their mind open for constant change. The writer had work on the medical field for a couple years and even that is just a couple she/he already see the change. This conversation gives the writer and the mentor the idea of going around and asking nurses what was the most drastic change that they have seen in their carriers. The writer notice that most nurses had said that doctors are starting to respect the work they do for the patients but unfortunately the patients and their family members had lost the respect for them. When the writer heard that she/he realized that the topic she chooses is perfect and they need to create a new approached for this problem.

Week Two

Interprofessional Collaboration

The writer had the opportunity to observe a code gray which is when a patient gets violent towards the staff members. The patient was an alcoholic and had stop drinking two days ago. He was confused and acting irrational, he was saying things like “you people have me here against my weal “” you guys want to kill me “etc. This patient tries to punch one of the nurses and she yelled for help and the code gray was call. All male nurses and security personnel attend to the code and try to calm the patient down. he was given some medication and was put on restrains. The hospital security guards stay with the nurse until the patient calm down. I was surprise on seen how they all collaborated with this horrible situation and got the patient to calm down and prevent for that nurse not to get hurt. In this topic Interprofessional collaboration is the mayor key, everyone must help and try to learn how to manage these situations. Also, we must work together so management see that there is a problem that needs to be fix. If that nurse would it have the proper training, she could it got hurt and force to go out of the job as.

Week Three

Health Care Delivery and Clinical Systems

This week the focused is on health care delivery and clinical system, which the writer had to do some research on before she got to the place her mentor works. Healthcare delivery systems main job is to help individuals to have access to quality and cost-effective healthcare. Every unit try to create a plan that work good for the organization ,the writers mentor work between two different units which are: Direct Observation Unit (DOU) and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU ) and the writer can see the different protocols and routines that they have set up so that they can provide the best care .The writer is glad she was able to work on both units and identified the different ways they provide care .As simple as it looks but every unit in the hospital experience different challenges and they have to find a way how to resolved them so that they can provide od service.

Week Four

Ethical Considerations in Health Care

During this week my mentor and I were discussing all the ethical consideration when dealing with individuals that are violent. Many nurses and hospital personnel consider that these violent patients should not be accountable for their actions because they are not with in the right mind. They believed that nurses in the field need to serve and care for others no matter what the work conditions are. The writer believes that why these violent people are accountable when they hurt someone else but not when they hurt the people that are trying to help them feel better. One of the nurses give me the example that during the war the nurses had to perform their job in the worst conditions. In a way they were right but why do we have to deal with abused when we don’t have to. In my opinion nurses had been abused for so many years that it has become part of the job description and this is wrong.

Week Five

Population Health Concerns

As the weeks past the writer noted that the patients that were being seeing in the hospital are mostly drug user, alcoholic homeless that do not take care of their health. This bring a big concern to the writer because she was seeing younger and younger people going through those doors. As a example the day the writer was on the hospital a patient on his early twenties came in for a alcohol consumption and drug overdose .They had to be intubated and take all necessary precautions to keep him alive but the doctors believed that the kid had a really poor prognosis .They also inform the writer that his cousin was in a near by hospital in the same condition .This is an epidemic that is going to wipe down a hold generation is they do not try to work with the community and solved their problems .

Week Six

The Role of Technology in Improving Health Care Outcomes

When the writer mentioned to her/his mentor that the topic for the week was “The Role of technology in improving health care outcome “,the mentor showed the writer a website that the hospital provides for their employees so that they can get accurate information about medications, IV compatibility, disease process and interpretation of labs . This website was created only for individuals that work for this organization and you need a code of authorization to get in. The hospital is strict about nurses using outside resources, they want them to only use this website or get information directly from lab, pharmacy and the doctor. The hospital management believes that this website help individuals prevent medical errors and most important accurate patient education .The writer was surprise how all the information need it to educated her self and the patient was in this program , she /he is grateful that computers and programs like this ones are available for nurses and other medical providers out there , this makes the search faster, easier, safe and accurate.

Week Seven

Health Policy

This week my preceptor plan for us to go speak with her supervisor and ask her what would be the process that the writer need it to take if she want to present her project to the hospital administration .When my preceptor boss was telling us how hard is to present your project and getting approved , I learned that it was going to be a couple years before I see any policy against work place violence . I guess for now I must try to concentrate in the educational campaigned and try to get people to treat nurses better. Also educate all medical personnel in how to prevent and deescalate violent situations.

Week Eight

Leadership and Economic Models

During this week the writer told her mentor that the topic is leadership and economic models for that reason the mentor decided for the writer should follow one of the workers form the admitting office. The mentor felt that the writer understood the concept of leadership and was able to lead a group of people for that reason she believed she would learn more if the observed how the admission process work from the financial side. The mentor wants it for the writer to see how difficult was for most individuals to be able to pay for their stay and medical care. Most individuals seen by the admissions coordinator did not have insurance, so she explained to them all the necessary forms and procedure that they must filled out to get coverage. It was sad how many of them would refuse admission or would tell the nurses that they can not offered their medications. It was this family that they didn’t want to send their mom back to the nursing home she was in since they didn’t do a good job , but that was the only place the insurance would cover and they did not had money to paid out of packet . Also, the writer saw a little bit of biases, the individuals that had insurance were treated better than those that did not had one.

Week Nine

Health Disparities

The Hospital where that the writer is following her mentor is in a community in which the educational levels are low. Also, most individuals do not have adequate resources to follow a proper diet, health regiment or even exercise routines. For that reason, patient is at higher risk for having health problems like obesity, substance abuse, and intentional and unintentional injury. For this and other reason the hospital management allow student to come to the hospital and do their practices there, they believed the people from this community would benefit from any educational section that these students might provide for them. During this week the writer mentor help her/his put together an information sheet on prevention of work violence so they can distribute it to employees and patients. The writers mentor believed that this a the perfect thank you from the writer to all the individuals that answer their questions and help the writer with her/his project.

Week 10

The writer and her presented went around the hospital providing patient and employees with the information pamphlet abut workplace violence and thanking all those individuals that were part of the project. Also, the writers mentor helps her/him going over all her final activities and having all her projects done. The writer is so thankful with her mentor, she was amazing and so helpful through the last weeks. I hope in the future I can be a mentor to new nurses and help them achieved their goals as the writer mentor di with her/him.

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