Future of Nursing My Reflection

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Future of Nursing; My Reflection






Future of Nursing

The nursing field is a greatly evolving field with a myriad of opportunities to venture into. Nursing care is a service that is always needed in all parts of the world both within and outside the medical field. In the recent past, there has been a great demand for the increase in the number of nurses especially in the U.S, also, there has been a need for the existing nurses to increase their level of education to assist in the differently changing types of conditions constantly on the rise. With my baccalaureate degree in nursing, there are several fields that will be available at my disposal. In the medical field, I could decide to be a nurse, a registered nurse that works within the hospital rotating in the different departments available.

These departments include the pediatrics, psychiatry, oncology, obstetrics, surgical, medical and emergency departments among several others outlined within the different hospitals. Also, I could work in the paramedical field and assist in emergency situations before and as the patient is driven to the hospital. Next, there is the home visit nursing care team which consists of nurses that are mainly tasked with paying visits to the homes of patient to assess their level of wellbeing. The available opportunities not directly related to my nursing degree would include a lecturer in the different colleges, a nurse counsellor in different fields, a social worker, a work from home career especially in fields such as telemedicine, a medical sales representative for a given drug company, a healthcare educator, a research analyst or assistant, and a corporate nursing consultant. All these fields and several others are available with a baccalaureates in nursing.

Increasing my level of education is key and as an undergraduate student is a must do in my view. This can be done by either obtaining a master’s degree or a postgraduate diploma training or even attaining the level of a PhD. There are several benefits associated with increasing one’s level of education. To begin with, one gets to specialize in their desired field of practice. Once this is done, one doesn’t have to rotate in all the aforementioned departments and therefore you maintain your specialized field of practice which is extremely gratifying and less demanding. Also, the amount of work done reduces as one is mainly concerned with his field. Next, the pay also gets raised. A nurse with an undergraduate degree definitely doesn’t earn the same as that with a postgraduate degree as well. Thirdly, one is able to acquire specific skills necessary for specific patients. This improves drastically the quality of care that the patient obtains and the nurse gets to do what’s required wholeheartedly because by then, they have mastered the art they require.

Also, one is able to venture into their own private practice. Following further education in the nursing field, one is able to open their own clinics and work in them by themselves or with the help of a few other colleagues. Apart from this, one is also able to venture into private doctors clinics and assist and work together with them. Next, one is able to work either as a college tutor, or lecturer or professor to aid in the fields of higher learning especially in the medical and nursing schools. The final field that one can venture into is offering advanced medical care at the homes of terminally ill patients or the patients being treated at the comfort of their homes. Whereas with a degree in nursing one is able to provide basic home care, with the advancement of learning this can be done at a better lever with much better skills and thus much better outcomes.


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