Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal Presentation

Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal Presentation


I will be creating a proposal to the state legislature concerning the future of the juvenile justice system I will be discussing some topics such as:Community involvementLaw enforcementCourts and sentencingCorrections

Community involvement

Leaders and ProfessionalsOrganizationsFunding

Law Enforcement Involvement

Courts and sentencing

Determine the root of the causeFocused on the familiesDepending on the crime


Determine the root of the causeOriented the families



Juvenile CorrectionsDeterrenceRehabilitation Prevention Control & IsolationPunishment



In the juvenile justice system, their main purpose is to prevent the juvenile to become a criminal, no matter how minor. The courts should need and get new ideas in helping the juveniles. But also, if we want to keep the juveniles out of trouble, the family must be united and be helping in working for a better future to their juveniles. Getting the necessary counseling for the family.


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