Tiny Hearts Preschool and Childcare – PowerPoint Presentation

Tiny Hearts Preschool and Childcare

Amy TownsProfessor GrahamBuilding Your Personal Brand: Tiny Heart Preschool and Childcare


Provide challenging learning experiences from well-balanced curriculum program that fosters a desire for the quest of knowledge and a zest for learning Provide social experiences with peers and adults, which develop knowledge of human relations and interactions Foster independence to help children acquire a positive self-image Stimulate optimum development of skills in social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative areas Ensure a happy transition from the home environment Instill in the children respect for themselves, and for others and their feelings, their beliefs and their actions

Tiny Hearts Preschool and Childcare:Facebook

Tiny Hearts will share content related to preschool and childcare on Facebook to position self as expert in field. Tiny Hearts will share photos on Facebook to show and build our culture in the public. Tiny Hearts will be consistent using Facebook as a means to increase brand awareness and credibility in the community. Tiny Hearts will use Facebook’s advertising features to boost posts and promote the website and social media page to increase followers and customer leads

Benefits of Social Media

Increase brand recognition – I want to have every opportunity to increase the visibility of my preschool and my social media network is the news channel for my voice and content. Social media simultaneously makes my preschool easier and accessible for new families and more familiar and recognizable for my existing families Improve brand loyalty by being responsive to my families and addressing issues and concerns in a timely manner, being authentic and

Challenges of Social Media

Time- there an old saying there’s never enough time in the day to complete all your tasks. I plan to overcome this by using digital calendar to organize/track and plan several time blocks for social media posting, reviewing, chatting or creating.Keeping in touch with my families-Trying to stay connected 24/7 can be challenging. I plan to overcome this by blocking daily specific times to reply to families on my calendar or assign members of my team specific tasks to help with the improvement of our company’s culture and give me peace of mind.