GEN 102 Week Three Worksheet

Week Three Worksheet

Express Yourself: What NOT to Do in the Digital Environment Worksheet

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Purpose: Use this worksheet to identify and explain styles in which we communicate.

Prepare: Read module five in your textbook, and complete the “Express Yourself: What NOT to Do in the Digital Environment” activity.

Write: In question 1 and 2, you will discuss formal and informal communication and give an example of how you use each of the styles of communication. Below question 1 and 2, there are three scenarios. For the first two scenarios you will indicate where the errors are within the content, why they are inappropriate, and how to correct the communication so that it is appropriate. In the final, and third scenario, you will identify which type of communication would be most effective to use and share your rationale.

This week, different types of communication have been addressed. The way you talk or write to a friend or family member will often be much different from how you write or talk to your instructor or employer. Effective communication is powerful and can lead to opportunities and stepping stones to success. Reflect on the some of the similarities and differences between informal and formal communication and then start by answering questions 1 and 2 below.

A.   Write about a time that you used informal communication and explain why that was appropriate.  Use complete sentences to write one paragraph.

  • In your own words (at least 3-4 sentences), define formal and informal language.
  • Formal language is kind of like fine dining, you wear nice clothes and have manners. When writing you don’t use slang, you are clear, concise and professional. Informal language is like going to McDonalds, wear comfortable clothes and eat with your fingers. This is where you can text speak, abbreviate works and use slang.
  • Now, share an example (at least 4-5 sentences), personal, professional, or academic that highlights each of the styles of communication.

I use information communication when I’m emailing my friends and/or family. I usually start with a Hey or Hello. I don’t really pay close attention to spelling but spell check helps with that anyway. I don’t re-read before I hit send and I don’t really make sure my thoughts are in order.

B. Write about a time that you used formal communication and explain why that was appropriate. Use complete sentences to write one paragraph.

Scenario One:

  • I use formal communication every day at work, it is my main form of communication. I regularly communicate information to hundreds of people so I am very careful that all the important information is easy to understand and complete. If I’m sending an internal communication I will use acronyms because our business is full of them but only if the audience knows what they are. I always start formal communications with the persons name or some sort of greeting and end with a salutation. I always re-read my formal communications before I hit send and make sure the information is in an easy to follow order.

Michael, a student at Ashford University, has just completed his weekly Discussion Question for Week 2 and posted it to his course room. Below are the Discussion Question directions indicated by his instructor and his responses to the questions. You are to list 3 errors in Michael’s response, explain why they are inappropriate, and identify how to correct the communication so that it is appropriate.

Discussion Question from Michael’s Instructor: Hi Class! This week’s Discussion Question is on Mindset. Please answer the following questions in at least 250 words. Due Day 3

In your own words, define the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset. Describe a situation where you had a fixed mindset. What thoughts did you have or comments did you make to reflect a fixed mindset? How could you have changed your thoughts to reflect this idea of a growth mindset? Explain how having a growth mindset will help you persevere to graduation.

Michael’s Response posted Day 6:

Mindset is believing that you are “intelligent” or “unintelligent. where I had a fixed mindset was I applied for a job. i didnt even want to do that job anyway and such. I was told to fill out about 6 pages out to get the job and i was thinking it was probably too hard. what i could have done different WAS PROVE TO MYSELF I COULD DO IT. having a growth mindset will help you trail on to graduation. simple my grades will show to all the nay Sayers, that call me stupid, and airy, and other things . ILL HAVE MY DEGREE ON MY WALL & Ill wonder if they did anything with there life- LOL!!!!!!!

(Michael’s Word count 121)

Scenario Two: Thomas, a student at Ashford University just received his grade back from his Instructor Dr. Cynthia Morrison on his week two assignment. To his surprise, he received a 0 on an assignment he worked four hours on and turned in early. He was sure he did well on this assignment. When he read the instructor’s comments he noticed that she stated he had submitted a blank document and she was unable to grade his work. When Thomas checked his assignment portal, he realized he did upload the wrong document and the one the instructor received was blank. Thomas is aware that it is well past the initial due date of the assignment but still wants credit for his hard work. Thomas is upset with himself about this oversight and immediately emails his instructor. Please read the email below from Thomas to his instructor and then list three errors you noticed, explain why they are inappropriate and identify how to correct the communication so that it is appropriate.

  • Identify at least 3 of the errors that you see in Michael’s response. Explain why these are errors are inappropriate and what you would do to correct the communication (at least 5-6 sentences).
  • There are many capitalization errors. Capitalization shouldn’t be an error seen in College level work. Michael should have a spell check or Grammarly installed to help catch these types of errors.
  • His use of all caps makes it sound like he is yelling and inappropriate in a school assignment. Michael should pay attention to his use of caps.
  • Michael used slang when he used LOL. When talking to friends it’s fine but not for a college assignment. Michael should refrain from all slang words or acronyms.
    • Michael didn’t hit the required word count. To ensure he has the required 250 words, he can copy and paste his assignment into Word and the word count will appear at the bottom right of the page.

Thomas’ Email:

Cynthia grade my new assignment i uploaded in portal. I MADE A MISTAKE AND UPLOADED THE WORNG 1. FORGIVE ME IDONT WANT. Points off because I need this class or else I will be dropped. Give me full credit you can check the portal I submitted on time just wrong doc im sorry.

Thank u prof.

Scenario 3

  • Identify at least 3 of the errors that you see in Thomas’s response. Explain why these are errors are inappropriate and what you would do to correct the communication (at least 5-6 sentences).
  • Thomas didn’t properly address his instructor. He should start his email with Professor or Cynthia if he was given permission to call her by her first name alone.
  • In his first sentence he demands his instructor to do something. He should explain what happened and ask for some leeway due to his error.
  • Thomas used all caps in part of his email. This is inappropriate because it appears he is yelling at the instructor. That doesn’t set a good tone after he demanded her to grade his new assignment.
    • He used a few text type languages. Those should only be used in text to friends and/or family. You should always be spelled out, not “u”.

Jennifer is a supervisor at the local supermarket. Unfortunately, she has to terminate Stacy. Reflecting on module 5 and various forms of communication, how should Jennifer go about having the conversation regarding termination with Stacy? Explain your rationale (at least 5-6 sentences).

Termination should always be done face to face and in private. Jennifer should request to speak with Stacy in private away from prying eyes and ears. Jennifer should inform Stacy what the issues are and that she needs to let her go. Jennifer should keep any emotion out of the conversation because termination should only be business related. I feel Stacy should have the opportunity to ask questions to understand why she’s being let go so she can learn from the experience and not repeat it.

Completed! Take a moment to proof read your work and check that you have completed each section. When satisfied with your worksheet, save and submit via Waypoint.

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