Discussion 2 Immigration

Immigration is a topic that often provokes heated discussions but regardless of how you look at it, people have always moved across boarders from time immemorial and I am sure that is set to go on into the future. With immigration comes great challenges and perhaps opportunities to the host country. People move in search of greener pastures, persecution or war and conflicts in their motherland. Some studies have shown that people may also move in order to get good education in advanced nations.

What is clear is that as immigrants have an economic impact, according to a survey by done (Economic impacts of immigration). A good example when immigrants come they fight for few job opportunities with natives and some even earn more (Bell, 1997).This can be a cause of consternation within locals who might immigrants as those stealing jobs that rightly belong to them. Though most immigrants into the USA are of lower quality and those who believe that coming moving there will greatly improve their conditions.

It is not always easy for immigrants moving into a new country because it often involves leaving behind one’s family and friends. It also involves learning a new culture and language and understandably most immigrants take a little longer to blend in. It is the children of the immigrants who assimilate well into the labor market (Card, 2005).

It is my view that the research findings are valid and can be substantiated by research done by various scholars. I entirely agree with the observation that it is not always easy for immigrants.

In conclusion, immigration if controlled well by good policies in place it can be a blessing to any nation


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