General Education Reflection Assignment

Assignment 3: General Course

General Education Reflection

Many General course teaches the students like myself how to be more cultural diverse and more self-aware of the cultural differences. While it may seem that some of the general course are not as important as the main classes to get our degree it is import for us to learn about our history and how to properly write an essay.

Some materials like doing research to write an essay for composition classes will help with our multicultural education, also learning about our history will show how much ahead we are from the past and how we have adapted to learn other culture.Science courses introduce students to the practice of scientific inquiry and give students opportunities to solve scientific problems both in and out of the classroom/laboratory.In my personal believe multicultural education addresses the needs of culturally diverse populations of students in the classroom and workers in a business setting. With history we have learned that integration should include content about diverse populations and present information from diverse points of view.

The reason I think it is important for us to learn about culture diversity is because in the united stated we have different culture, multiple background, and if you are working in a big corporation you do not want to be seen as someone that does not understand others values and cultural differences. I am biracial and I do understand how hard it is for people to understand how each culture is different. By having the knowledge on cultural diversity it will cause a bias reduction. In my Personal perspective, there are many advantages to having good human relationship skills. I have learn that having the inability to work within a team, having personality issues, and being dishonesty can cause friction in work relation and in their personal life. Many companies depend on people working together, having a positive human relations skills in the workplace.


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