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Good paper

Disaster management.

Aldunce, P., Beilin, R., Howden, M., & Handmer, J. (2015). Resilience for disaster risk management in a changing climate: Practitioners’ frames and practices. Global Environmental Change, 30, 1-11.

I find this article good as it easier for me the reader to be drawn into the message and flow of the article. The opening paragraph is of reasonable length; not too long and not too short. This minimizes effort to which is to be used when determining whether the article is interesting or not. The opening also provides a view of what I am to find in the rest of the article which I assume from the opening paragraph that it will be interesting.

The face of the article is also visually appealing. The paragraphs of the article are arranged in an appealing manner. They are not dense which makes the reader perceive that it will be easy to read and complete the article. Short paragraphs mean that the points explained in them are strongly brought out and are precise. I also find the use of most words used in the texts as completely necessary as they make the text brief and precise. The text font used is also beautiful and attractive. There is balanced spacing which ensures easy reading and identification of words.

The only weakness I find in this text is that the article does not make use of stories. A good article should have a story so as to capture the reader. Dry writing ruins the morale of the reader as he reader may miss something to interest him in the article.

Bad paper.

Organizational management.

Pearce, J. L., & Huang, L. (2012). The decreasing value of our research to management education. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 11(2), 247-262.

I am less drawn to this article than I am to the first one. The first thing that has completely put me off in this article is it long introductory paragraph. This definitely gave me a perception that the rest of the article would be boring. I also find the way the paragraphs are arranged less attractive. This is probably imposed by the long paragraph at the beginning of the article.

There is also no story. This makes reading this article boring as it makes me less anxious to read the passage. One should begin an article by at least a story or event so as to make the reader more enticed and look forward to reading the rest of the article. This will also capture the attention of the reader.

The writer also does not put out the points. one should begin by showing their point then go ahead and elaborate it .as the rule for writing a structure states, start by an illustration, then explanation and further details to enhance understandability.

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