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Grants can be in different forms either in form of products or funds whereby they are non-repayable and are usually issued or disbursed by different institutions such as foundations, trusts or corporations but in most cases grants are usually disbursed by a governmental department. On the other hand when we talk of funding, we refer to the act of providing support financially or in form of resources to a certain project or program. An example of a grant funded program that was implemented by a criminal justice agency in the last five years is a program known as Office of Justice Programs which is abbreviated as OJP. This office’s budget amounts to $2.4 billion whereby the budget for its discretionary program amounts to nearly $ 1.6 billion and also $870.0 million for its programs which are mandatory.

The Office of Justice Programs is a kind of agency in the department of justice in the United States of America. It aims in preventing all kinds of crimes and dealing with those people who break law and commit crime. It prevents crime through carrying out research, also by assisting the state and the local group or arm that enforces law. They ensure that they have fought crime by giving support and assistance to the criminal justice agencies whereby they do this through some grants (Malcolm, 2009). Finally they issue assistance to the victims of crime.

When we look at the nature of this program that is the OJP, we simply look at how it operates, what it is composed of, its mission, vision and goal. OJP office comprises of a number of bureaus which are five in number. The first bureau is the bureau of Justice Assistance, followed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, followed by Juvenile justice office, which is followed by National institute of justice and finally the office that caters for the Crime Victims. Therefore, it is through those programs which are usually funded and developed by its offices and bureaus, that OJP toil and moil in order to work towards the formation of partnerships among the state, the federal and also among the officials from the government in order to be able to control the trafficking of drugs and its abuse. It also forms partnerships with the purpose of preventing and reducing crime and also finding the way of addressing those problems of helping the addicts by the sure way of rehabilitating them and meeting their needs and also addressing those problems that occur as a result of violence by gangs.

OJP has got a mission and a vision whereby its mission is to increase public security and safety and also improving the administration to be fair to all citizens in terms of justice through programs and leadership which is very inventive and innovative. Its vision on the other hand is being the topmost resource for the community’s justice through coordination and provision of information, development and also carrying out of research, doing some training and offering some support for the purpose of helping the justice community so that it may build the maximum capacity it requires to meet its goals of public security and safety (Peter, 2008). OJP also encourages innovation locally and also embraces making of decisions locally by use of national leadership policy. It has also come up with a strategy for the year 2016 on how it is going to provide security in schools due to the increased insecurity and terror attacks. The intended goal is to ensure that there is providence of knowledge practically so as to ensure safety and security to both schools and extend the same towards the students. For this 2016 initiative to work, OJP has decided to do it through the researchers, law enforcement, through the partnerships, through educators among others. They have also decided that the teachers should educate the students in schools about the importance of security so that their mission can be accomplished even into the places they can’t reach. They have educated some groups to assist them in creating awareness to the public at large since security and safety starts with the individual and so when they are aware of that, there will be minimized crimes and law breaking. Having done that, they will have accomplished their mission and vision of being the topmost institution that provides peace in the highest standards.

The agency has implemented the program in so many ways. When we are talking about implementation, we are simple talking about how the program has been put in to use or has been put to work to achieve what it was intended to in the real life situation. It is very clear that OJP has got so many offices in it which are five in number. Each and every office has got dreams that it want to achieve in maintaining peace and order. Therefore we want to look at how the agency has put in to work or implemented this program in practical means.

The OJP has followed a good path whereby it has decided to take some steps in order to offer some support to the Criminal Justice Agencies whose dreams are to ensure they have improved and expanded their information and technology infrastructure. The OJP has started to work hand in hand with the Criminal Justice Agencies by helping them expand their infrastructure technology wise. In addition to that, it has offered some financial support to the media which analyses a crime and report it to the public and has done this by offering support to the local state government so that it may create and be able to ensure good operation in the centers which carry out statistical analysis which too help in analyzing and reporting justice and also crimes once they occur. In addition to that, OJP has also decided to implement their program through the use of Integrated Justice Information Technology Initiative whereby its agencies support the special goal and initiative for the purpose of getting some assess to the readiness and capabilities of both the local and the state agencies so as to integrate the criminal and justice information and records fully (Ian, 2010). They have also digitized their operations whereby they take some fingerprints from the citizens and carry out some live scan and keep the records so that during the times of crime they are able to know who carried out the crime. The program was funded by the government in form of loans and grants and has also been funded by some agencies such as the Byrne Criminal Justice innovation program. In addition to that, the OJP, COPS Office and the OVW have provided some funding towards the tribal governments which totaled to around $77 million whereby it funded the program so as to improve the Criminal Justice Systems.


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