Grant writing review

Grant writing review





Main point on the grant writing

The grant program shows how a good writer should be competence in knowing his or her grant to write is of great importance to collect variety of information before writing a grant proposal. In order for the success of your grant you must get informed even be ahead of it to keep the program attached to current affairs. It is important to include all the requirement needed and keep the grant timely. Through the requirements needed you are supposed to identify the grant problem. Have a systematic plan consisting of the short and long term objectives by first using the available resources for their accomplishment. There is also need to look for further resources which can boost your grant for future changes or other alternatives (Yang, 2012).

The set goals should be specific in order to meet the set objectives. The goals of the grant should be well planned according to the available resources. The objectives should be evaluated based on the research problem identified. To avoid competition from other grant programs to the grantor, your objectives should be attainable and realistic to set a class from other grants. In addition, it is important as a grant writer to project future outcomes of the grant for awareness. It makes you prepare and be ready for future changes which might occur in your grant either positive or negative. This helps the grant to have safety measures of the outcome and makes them to be ready to face the reality (Locke, Spirduso, & Silverman, 2013).

Bean (2011) argued that management in grant programs is one of the most important skills because it determines the growth or failure of a certain grant. In management, there should be a good plan, specific people to work with, specific set goals and the feedback should be timely to avoid delays within the grant. You should have set strategies which should direct you in accomplishment of a specific task. In addition, you should stay ahead focusing on development and achievement of the set goals. As a manager of the grant program, you should have the plan on how you should spent the financials available. The grantor should see a systematic plan of the money and specific objectives which are realistic. Negotiation skills within the grant are very important to a leader as they help in keeping the relationship between all the members of the grant and the environment. Good leadership obtains respect from the colleagues and also from other people which fruits best for the program.

According to Henson (2009) teamwork is the best tool for the success of a grant. This works hand in hand with networking with other grants in order to get productive information. Evaluation of grant proposal is also important which is done in summary form. The summary should have a systematic flow to communicate clearly to the grantor. Doing evaluation of your grant writing make sure that the grant can easily understand what you want to communicate to him or her. Do not use complicated language because it will be difficult for the grantor to understand. In your application make critical statements to use for the success of the grant. There should be a set communication team that works efficiently.

How the points have been applied to various grants

Before the allocation of funds every grant program ensures that the application is well evaluated and approved even before its arrival for fund allocation by the state. For instance, Buffer zone protection program grants ensure that the application is sent to DHS before it reaches the state for fund disbursement. There is top security to avoid misuse of funds whereby every step is followed fully. Other programs make specification of their profit to keep standard and allocation of funds is done within a specific location. There is indirect and direct funding of the application if the plan is clearly written. Arrangements for repaying the loan must be done to avoid losses and inconveniences (Locke, Spirduso, & Silverman, 2013). If the points are clearly indicated, the grantor can trust your application for the grants.

High supervision of allocated funds is done including the facilities provided. The located funds and facilities are beneficial to those areas with good access. The grant programs have strict advisory services on how the funds should be used. The federal programs provide staff to help communities to benefit from their services. This ensures that the grant facilities are effective to the users and care is taken on them. Seminas are held to help the communities on procedures of carrying out the preparedness and also respond to their questions. Federal agencies are responsible for guidance and counseling on the use of funds and other grant facilities. Training is also provided to specialists and those taking part in the guiding program (Bean, 2011).

In addition, the grant programs are strict on the introduction therefore you should be keen and use Standard English. The grantor need to know the reason as to why you should be given the money so it should be clearly stated. If the statistics must apply in your application ensure that they are clear to the grant and should be minimal. The grantor needs to know your agency and so you should describe it with clear objective so that it gives the agency distinguishing characteristics. Relate your past experiences to current occurrences as it provides a picture of what type of grant you are operating whether it provides quality services or not. The picture you create to the grantor determines whether your grant should be allocated the funds or not to (Yang, 2012).

In conclusion, it is important to show the achievements of the activities you have accomplished. The strategies set should be seen clearly by the grantor. Problem should be well stated and future solutions for the grant program. The needs of your agency should be clearly linked with what you want to do in remedying so that the grantor can see the logic of allocation. Methods used to match in solving the problems stated according to your budget. The grantor is interested on the budget in order to allocate the needed amount in logic manner. Clear message from the application makes the grantor to trust you with the funds and allows for easy allocation.


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