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Wangari’s Green Belt Movement





Wangari’s Green Belt Movement

Wangari Maathai is a famous lady is well known as the founder of green belt movement which created much challenge on Africa. She was the first lady not only in east Africa but also central Africa to gain a doctorate degree. In addition, Wangari is famous on the contribution on the sustainability of environmental development and creation of peace to all people. She never concentrated on her self-building but she thought globally to build the nation. She won a Nobel award which inspired many people to be responsible on their environment by protecting and restoring it. This paper describes the contributions made by Wangari Mathai and how we can protect the environment following her example (Anderson, 2009).

Sustainable use of the forests

There are varieties of ways in which we can make use of the environment without depleting it. Sustainable use of environment can only be effective if there is forest management plan which helps the community to decide on the best way to use their environment. Sustainable management plan should include proper selection of logging which consist cutting of only some trees while leaving the younger ones. This also leaves other old trees which acts as wind breaks and maintain the soil fertility. Planting green spaces is also another productive way for caring the forests. This is planting trees where they have not grown while on the other hand to improve the soil condition, water and also air availability in congested areas (Wangari et al. 2013).

There is also need for us to support the natural regrowth of forests. We can do this by limiting the use deforested areas to allow regrowth to take place which helps the forest to recover. In addition, ecotourism is another way of making use of the environment while maintaining the beauty of our environment. This is the best way of making money without cutting down the trees whereby you show the tourist the beauty of our environment. For effective protection of our environment, we need to build partnership with variety of groups so that they can also be responsible for the forest. These partnership groups may also come from outside your local area so that they can also protect the forest.

Ways of reducing deforestation

We can reduce tropical deforestation by creating change which needs much of our support for the change to occur. According to Anderson (2009) there has been much logging in the tropics which has been done without considering the ecosystem. This has led to increased deforestation reducing the biodiversity of the environment. Therefore, wood for good has been introduced to make good ways by which the consumers and policy makers can create impact on wood production to reduce deforestation. In addition, we should act as agents of change by supporting conservation organizations and stand out in protecting the forest like Greenpeace (Lappe et al. 2004).

In conclusion, the government should set rules governing the use of forest and also set a limit in which every individual aged 11-60 years to plant trees. For instance, every individual to plant two to four trees and be responsible till it grows. The individuals who would effectively be responsible and able to make their trees to survive must be awarded and encouraged in anyway. There should also rules which should govern the planted and natural forest so that we can keep the beauty of our environment.


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