GU 299 Week 1 Assignment 1 SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis






SWOT Analysis

SWOT Graph


  • Communication skills


  • I am good in both verbal and written communication skills.
    • I am able to take on multiple tasks and handle several projects and work at the same time.
    • My interpersonal skills are very good because I am able to interact with other people well and understand them.
    • I am able to analyze situations and come up with solutions to the problems.


  • I become timid when speaking to a large audience yet I associate with coworkers well.
    • I am able to over estimate analysis on projects, work or assignments and give more time to make sure they are to perfection.


  • I have potential in improving knowledge and my presentation skills through practice.
    • Proceed with the urge of learning and having more knowledge on technology and attending training courses on that.
    • To keep on participating in networking events that promote socialization in school and the organizations.


  • It can be difficult interacting with other students as an audience but practice will help me overcome that.
    • Critical thinking skills


  • Critical thinking has helped me take less time when making decisions because I already know what I want or aim at achieving.
    • I am able to make sound judgements because guess work or decision making is no longer an option.
    • It has changed my reasoning such that I no longer do things driven by emotions or instincts but by logic and reason.
    • It has enhanced my skills especially in presentation both verbally and in writing.


  • It is hard sometimes to think critically in situations where our emotions take over.
    • It can be difficult to understand other people’s actions despite their experiences because some of those actions can be too much to bare.
    • In situations where the truth is known and clear, it can be hard to compromise disclosing it despite the timing.


  • Critical thinking will help me enhance my creativity where I would come up with ideas that would be used in solving problems arising.
    • It will help me improve in my studies as a college student. An example are the mathematical tests that are given to the students in exams (Clayton, Bringle & Hatcher, 2012).
    • It can lead to a successful future because most companies look for a person with critical thinking.


  • It can be difficult to distinguish between the actual facts and personal opinions. Making an assumption based on a personal opinion is very misleading.
    • It can be difficult when it comes to justifying my actions and values because most of these decisions would have been made with a sound mind.
    • Respect for diversity


  • It has enabled me to accept my fellow students and appreciate their talents and uniqueness.
    • The academic performance has improved because students are able to work together and put their differences aside which has aided in sharing knowledge and skills.
    • Respect for diversity has enabled me to embrace people from different continents with different races, their beliefs in terms of religion, ethnicity and sexuality.
    • It has given me the opportunity to concur barrier in communication within our social life, education and work environment.


  • It can be difficult when embracing values that differ from the ones I have been instilled with.


  • With the use of technology, communicating with people around the world has been made easier.
    • I am able to understand different ideas and views from people and interact with them well.
    • Interacting with different people with different values and beliefs and sexuality creates a society that is diverse and motivates me.


  • As stated by (Chambers & Lavery, 2012), technology can hinder communication because of technical issues like poor or no network.
    • Professional, social and ethical responsibility


  • I am able to interact and communicate with other people despite their levels of responsibility in their professional, social or ethical areas.
    • I am able to work with people and contribute to the well being of the society.
    • I am able to do my job well, be disciplined and have a good work ethic.
    • I am able to fulfill the responsibilities expected of me by my parents and society.
    • Decisions that I make will be made from a sound judgement.


  • I might not be able to fulfill the expectations set in my profession, society or ethics.


  • Networking with people gives me a chance to get promotions at work or preferential advantages.


  • It might be difficult when social life might get in the way of professional work.
    • Lifelong learning practices


  • The urge of learning not just in school but from others has helped me to connect with other people.
    • It has become a ground of social engagement for me.
    • It has prepared me in that I have set some goals and focused in achieving them.
    • These practices have made me become wise in terms of making decisions.


  • It is hard trying to stay focused in achieving the goals I have set.


  • I am able to work from any place regardless of the environment.
    • Being prepared will help me deal with life’s experiences despite how they might happen.


  • Being disciplined and focused can be difficult sometimes.

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