GU299 Reflection Journal Critical Thinking

Reflection Journal

Sara Grayson

Grantham University

Professor Sandi Jacobs

Reflection Journal

4. I did not find anything surprising or particularly challenging. I was able to apply the concepts presented in a way that allowed me to complete this week’s discussion and assignment. I think a self-analysis, such as the one in our assignment this week, helps us to understand ourselves in a way that can show what we have mastered and those things which require additional attention. I have always had an above average ability to utilize skills in critical thinking to deal with my academia. I see school as a wellspring of potential lessons for expanding one’s knowledge and understanding the world at large. I think we are provided with opportunities to utilize communication skills in meeting new people and understanding differences in culture, language, religion, and common beliefs. In living abroad, I learned from a young age to have an appreciation for differences in individuals and societies and adapt some of those differences into my life to make me a more well-rounded and informed individual. I learned that through inclusion, the world was a much more fascinating and beautiful place.

5. I believe this course will provide me the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas and information. I see that everything learned can at some point assist you in future lessons or assignments. I see this course as a way to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that I have acquired through my academic life at Grantham. This course can provide me the opportunity to see if some concepts would require further understanding and allow me the chance to improve that understanding.

6. I believe that the course outcomes for this week allowed me the opportunity to create a truly representative self-assessment as demonstrated in my SWOT analysis above.

7. I see service learning and community service as the opportunity to learn how to let go of some of my weaknesses in a way that also teaches me about the skills and capabilities of others. It can allow me the chance to learn how to delegate with the knowledge that as long as it is done correctly and meets the deadline requirement, then I can release that control which would allow me to focus on other things. I have utilized many of my skills in individual community service agencies to obtain funding, gain community involvement, and expand their ability to provide more help in the communities in which they serve. I also can utilize these types of opportunities to see how others can deal with their limitations and weaknesses. This provides me the chance to take that information and apply it to my life in a way that helps me to attain the goals that I have set for myself.

8. In looking at the material presented thus far, I don’t believe I have any questions that remain unanswered. I just see this course as the opportunity for self-reflection and the chance to utilize the skills that I have developed while obtaining my Associate’s Degree and now in my Bachelor’s Degree program. I think by using the lessons that I have learned in the last two years, I will be quite successful in this course. I appreciate the opportunity to apply my knowledge and problem-solving skills and producing work that I can be proud of and meets the course requirements.