HA 545 Discussion 3

Who are the demanders and suppliers in health policies? Describe what motivates each in a political marketplace.

Demanders of health policy are individuals who consider such policies relevant to the pursuit of their own health or that of those whom they and in addition those individuals who consider such policies a means to some other desired end, such as an economic advantage (Longest, 2016).

Demanders can have opposite opinions when it comes to health policy when we compare them to interest groups. There are individuals, organizations, and interest groups (Longest, 2016). One group of individual political motivation is those who consider policies prominent to them, or someone close to them with a personal need in mind (Longest, 2016). The second group are those who have some form a wanted end in mind, not necessarily personal. Organizations such as large health systems, health plans, and technology suppliers are motivated by needing policies relevant to information carrying their desired plans and policies (Longest, 2016).

The suppliers of health policies are elected officials/legislators, judiciary, executive and Bureaucrats. The Legislative branch has elected official. The motivations of elected officials is to have a market place influence to get reelected. Incentives include money power of prestige. The executives that have a larger amount of responsibility have a motivation of self interest and . The judiciary motivations are personal commitment for public interest.


I was reading over your post and the demanders of health-care policies that happen to be organizations and interest groups seem to have an ulterior motive.It seems that the suppliers of health care can be purchased easily.When watching many of the political leaders you see the corruption of the policy making business. I guess that the main objective is mutually satisfy and benefit from the arrangement.

When looking at health care issues you see different phases of the policy process. The one difference is that the demanders and suppliers must work together to find a balance to creating new policies. Even though there are differences between the two the fact still remains that both parties are trying to reach a goal that is for the betterment of the people.