HA515-Unit4 Discussion

How would you apply at least one contemporary leadership model from this chapter to a real (or hypothesized) health leadership situation or case? Explain the rationale of your decisions, actions, and behaviors.

In my opinion the leadership model that will offer the best guidance in some health care organizations is the dynamic culture leadership (DCL) model. This model emphasizes a sense of balance that needs to be maintained to achieve a sustainable and continuing level of optimized leadership. In health care you have a complex group of people with various specialties feeding into one main organization. With some many services lines the simplest task can become a major problem or barrier in the organization. Implementing a model like DCL can enforce structure and guidance. Will also make the staff feel empowered to do their jobs and not afraid to be a part of the process. The challenge is to focus the knowledge, skills, and abilities of organizational leaders appropriately and to empower the total organization to complete its mission, reach its vision, and compete successfully in an environment that constantly changes.

The organization I work for has gone through several major executive leadership changes. In the past 5 years we’ve had 4 Chief Medical Officers. Each one brought a new leadership style that contributed to a situation that was somewhat chaotic due to the continuous transitions in leadership. However, the new Chief Medical Officer has implemented the DCL model and has brought structure, growth, and composed environment to the whole organization.